Student Accomplishments


Aaron Copland Award/Residency
Joseph Dangerfield (2010)

ABLAZE Choral Masters Composition Award
Adam O'Dell (2016)

American Composers Orchestra Underwood New Music Readings
Benjamin Taylor (2012)

The American Conservatory Summer Session at Fontainebleau
Christopher Chandler (2012)

American Modern Ensemble Composition Contest
Christopher Chandler (2009)

ASCAP/CBDNA Frederick Fennell Prize
Andres Carrizo (2008), Honorable Mention

ASCAP/Morton Gould Young Composer Award
Steven Rice (2009)

ASCAP/Plus Award
Anne Neikirk (2013)

ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Composition Competition

Brian Sears (2018)

Thomas Beverly (2015) Second Place
Jason Charney (2015) Finalist
Christopher Chandler (2012), Second Place
Gregory Cornelius (2009), Honorable Mention

Atlanta Chamber Players Rapido! Composition Contest
Alan Elkins (2009, 2010)

Ball State New Music 
Daniel Bayot (2017)

BMI Student Composers Award
Joseph Lyszczarz (2012)
Ben Taylor (2010)

Calliope’s Call Art Song and Vocal Chamber Music Call for Scores Winner
Daniel Bayot

Cypress Symphonic Band Call for Scores
Thomas Beverly (2015)

Circuit Bridges
Thomas Beverly (2015, 2014, 2013)

Cleveland Chamber Symphony Readings
Mary King (2000)
Adam Mirza (2002)
Gregory Cornelius (2003)
Timothy Stulman (2007)
Christopher Chandler (2011)
Ben Taylor (2011)
Concours Internationaux de Bourges
Gregory Cornelius (2007), Residency Prize

Cleveland Chamber Symphony Young & Emerging Composers Project Selectee
Daniel Bayot (2017)

Fulbright Scholars
Joseph Dangerfield (2009-2010), Russian Federation and the Netherlands
David Conte, Paris – Studying with Nadia Boulanger

Fundacion Sax-Ensemble Composition Contest (Madrid, Spain)
Steven Kemper (2005)
Erin Rogers (2005)
Timothy Stulman (2005)

Juventas New Music Ensemble
Thomas Beverly (2015)

Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute
Timothy Stulman (2008), Honorable Mention

National Association of Composers Annual Composition Competition
Timothy Stulman (2006)

New York Youth Symphony Commission
Timothy Stulman (2009)

North American Saxophone Alliance Composition Competition
Timothy Stulman (2012)

NFMC Marion Richter American Music Composition Award Winner
Daniel Bayot (2017)
Presser Award
Anne Neikirk (2012)

Pulitzer Prize in Music
Jennifer Higdon (2010)

Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Annual Composition Contest
Christopher Chandler (2012)

Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award
Steven Rice (2005), First Prize

SCI Snapshot
Kory Reeder (2017)

SCI Student Mixtape
Thomas Beverly (2015)

SCI/ASCAP Student Commission Competition
Daniel Bayot (2017)
Anne Neikirk (2012)

Slingshot Data Perceptualization Competition
Thomas Beverly

South Dakota Music Teacher's Association Commissioning Project
Symeon Waseen (2012)

University of Nebraska - Kearney New Music Festival 
Ashlin Hunter (2017)
Adam O'Dell (2017)


Alarm Will Sound Readings
Andrew Martin Smith (2012)
Cory Kasprzyk (2012)
Joseph Lyszczarz (2012)
Mihai Popean (2012)

BGSU Collegiate Chorale Composition Competition Winner

Daniel Bayot (2017)

BGSU Competitions in Music Performance (Composition Division)
Daniel Bayot (2016)
Emily Custer (2015)
Thomas Beverly (2014)
Hong-Da Chin (2013)
Carter John Rice (2012)
Trevor Matthews (2011)
Chin Ting Chan (2010)
Andrew Martin Smith (2009)
Shane Hoose (2008)
Mihai Popean (2008)
Octavio Mas-Arocas (2007)
Andres Carrizo (2006)
Timothy Stulman (2005)
Symeon Waseen (2004)
Marcus Williams (2003)
Gregory Cornelius (2002)
Robert Samels (2001)
Mary King (2000)
Amy Kucera (1999)

BGSU New Music Ensemble Internal Call for Scores
Kory Reeder (2017)
J. Andrew Smith (2016)
Jake Sandridge (2015)
Michael Kasinger (2014)
Carter Rice (2013)

Decoda Ensemble Readings
Jon Ginder (2015)
Sam McKnight (2015)
Andrew Norman (2015)
Ben Richardson (2015)

Toledo Symphony Orchestral Readings
Ashlin Hunter (2017)
Adam Kennaugh (2017)
Graeme Materne (2017)
Kory Reeder (2017)
Chuanhao Zhang (2017)
Cole Wilson (2016)
Mavis MacNeil (2016)
Adam O'Dell (2016)
Steven Sloan (2016) 
J. Andrew Smith (2016)
Emily Custer (2015)
Jake Sandridge (2015)
Richard Arndorfer (2015)
Matthew Ramage (2015)
Andrew Binder (2015)
Brian Sears (2014)
Alan Racadag (2014)
Kyle Laporte (2014)
Lydia Dempsey (2014)
Chris Lortie (2014)
Hannah Skowronek (2013)
Michael Kasinger (2013)
Magda Kress (2013)
Ao Xiang (2013)
Corey Keating (2012)
Zachary Seely (2012)
Evan Williams (2012)
Mark Witmer (2012)

Toledo Symphony Wind Quintet Readings
Jonathan Gazda (2012)
Cory Keating (2012)
Andrew Selle (2012)
Mark Witmer (2012)

Toledo Symphony String Quartet Readings
Richie Arndorfer (2016)
Colleen Miller (2016)
Vincent Sauer (2016)
J. Andrew Smith (2016)
Daniel Bayot (2015)
Andrew Binder (2015)
Kristi Fullerton (2015)
Jeffrey Nichols (2015)
Matthew Ramage (2015)
Jason Charney (2014)
Andrew Selle (2014)
Michael Kasinger (2014)
Samuel McKnight (2014)
Allen Racadag (2014)
Zach Merritt (2013)
Mark Whitmer (2013)
Evan Williams (2013)
Jennifer Roberts (2013)
Stephan Haluska (2011)
Matthew Hatty (2011)
Josh Simmons (2011)
Viola Yip (2011)

Winifred O. Stone Graduate Student Development Fund Award
Hong-Da Chin (2015)

Sally Williams (2011)
Michael Baldwin (2010)

Arts, Letters, and Numbers
Kory Reeder (2017)

Association for Technology in Music Instruction Conference
Thomas Beverly (2014)

Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency
Nathaniel Haering (2017)
Nicole Carroll (2005, 2009)
Scott Winship (1999)

Balance-Unbalance Conference
Thomas Beverly (2015)

Ball State University New Music Festival
Hannah Skowronek (2015)

Nathniel Haering (2017)

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Film Scoring Academy
Kyle Laporte (2015)

Charlotte New Music Festival
Mavis MacNeil (2016)
Vincent Sauer (2016)
Andrew Binder (2015)
Lydia Dempsey (2015)
Kyle Laporte (2015)
Jacob Sandridge (2015)
Hannah Skowronek (2015)
Jeff Nicholas (2015)

College Music Society National Conference
Thomas Beverly (2015)

Composers Conference at Wellesley College
Gregory Cornelius (2009)

Connecticut College Creative Arts Symposium
Chin Ting Chan (2012)

Darmstaadt Summer Course (Germany)
Adam Mirza (2006)

Electroacoustic Barn Dance
Benjamin Taylor (2011, 2012, 2013)
Carter John Rice (2013, 2014)
Jason Charney (2014)

Electronic Music Midwest
Nathaniel Haering (2016, 2017)
Carter John Rice (2013)
Benjamin Taylor (2011, 2013)
Steven Kemper (2012)
Ben Murphy (2012)
Carter Rice (2012)
Chin Ting Chan (2011)
Tim Harenda (2011)
Rob McClure (2011)
Andrew Martin Smith (2011)
Ben Taylor (2011)

Firenze Multimedia Festival
Thomas Beverly (2014)

International Computer Music Conference
Nathaniel Haering (2017)
Thomas Beverly (2014)
Andrew Selle (2014)
Josh Simmons (2014)
Andrew Martin Smith (2011)
J. Corey Knoll (2011)
Michael Baldwin (2010)
Dan Tramte (2010)

June in Buffalo
Christopher Chandler (2012)

Kimmel, Harding, Nelson Center for the Arts Residency
Kory Reeder (2017)

Los Angeles Philharmonic National Composers' Intensive
Daniel  Bayot (2016)

Manchester New Music Festival
Carter John Rice (2015)
Jason Charney (2015)
Sam McKnight (2015)

Mise-En Festival 
Nathaniel Haering (2017)

Midwest Composers Symposium
Benjamin Taylor (2013) (2012)

Nathaniel Haering (2016)
Patrick Reeder (2016)

National Student Electronic Music Event
Carter John Rice (2013, 2015)
Brian Sears (2015)
Jason Charney (2015)
Thomas Beverly (2015)
Alan Racadag (2015)

New Interfaces for Musical Expression International Conference
Jason Charney (2015)

Noisefloor Festival
Nathniel Haering (2017)
Thomas Beverly (2015)

New Horizon Music Festival
Carter John Rice (2014)

The New Music Gathering
Richard Arndorfer (2017)
Daniel Bayot (2017)
Nathaniel Haering (2017)
Kory Reeder (2017)
Vincent Sauer (2017)

New Music on the Bayou
Nathaniel Haering (2017)
Kory Reeder (2017)

New Music on the Point
Kristi Fullerton (2016)
J. Andrew Smith (2016)
Jason Charney (2012)

Palomar Film Music Workshop
Matt Ramage (2015)

Snowpond Festival
Alan Racadag (2015)

Soundscape Festival
Carter John Rice (2012)
Lydia Dempsey (2015)

Society for Electroacoustic Music in the U.S. (SEAMUS) National Conference
Nathniel Haering (2017)
Patrick Reed (2017)
Brian Sears (2015)
Thomas Beverly (2015)
Jason Charney (2015)
Josh Simmons (2015)
Evan Williams (2015)
Andrew Smith (2015)
Jamie Smith (2015)
Annie Neikirk (2015)
Jon Fielder (2015)
Lucas Marshall Smith (2015)
Andrew Martin Smith (2015)
Carter John Rice (2014)
Benjamin Taylor (2010, 2011, 2013)
Christopher Chandler (2012)
Timothy Harenda (2012)
Cory Kasprzyk (2012)
Rex Maze II (2011)
Scott Price (2012)
Andrew Selle (2011)
Benjamin Taylor (2011)

The Corporation of Yaddo
Joe Dangerfield (2011)

So Percussion Summer Institute
Thomas Beverly (2014)

The Banff Centre (Alberta, Canada)
Joe Dangerfield (2009)

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
Nathaniel Haering (2017)
Kory Reeder (2017)
Matthew Harder (2015)
Brian Sears (2015)
Thomas Beverly (2015, 2014)
Matt Gunby (2015)
Jason Charney (2014)

Threshold Electronic Music Festival
Carter John Rice (2014)
Hannah Skowronek (2014)
Alan Racadag (2014)
Kristi Fullerton (2014)
Julia Brooks (2014)
Hong-Da Chin (2014)
Michiko Saiki (2014)
Jason Charney (2014)
Hong-Da Chin (2013)

Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice at NEC
Brian Sears (2015)

SCI National Conference
Daniel Bayot (2017)
Nathaniel Haering (2016)
Carter John Rice (2014)
Benjamin Taylor (2010)

St. Mary’s College Summer Composition Intensive

Jeff Nichols (2015)

Daniel Bayot (2017)
Patrick Reeder (2017)
J. Andrew Smith (2017)

Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada
Nathaniel Haering (2017)

Troublesome Gap
Ben Richardson (2015)

Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival
J. Andrew Smith (2013)

UPBEAT International Summer School
Yowon Yoon (2015)

Valencia International Performance Academy, Valencia, Spain
Nathaniel Haering (2017)

Without Words Film Festival
Michiko Saiki (2014)

Walden Composition Retreat
Ashlin Hunter (2016)

World Saxophone Conference
Jason Charney (2015)
Josh Simmons (2015)
Nick Zoulek (2015)

Yarn/Wire Institute
Richard Arndorfer (2016)

Ball State University
Carter John Rice (2013)
Stacy Renee Borden (2008)

William Carey (2001)

David Conte (1979)
Corey Keating (2012)

Florida State University
Andrew Selle (2015)

Eastman School of Music
Chris Chandler (2011)
Steven Rice (2007)
Symeon Waseen (2006)
Jon Forshee (1999)
Gregory Wilder (1997)

Hartt School of Music
Jonathan Lee Crane (2004)

Indiana University
Ben Taylor (2010)
Eric Knechtges (2004)
Robert Samels (2003)

Louisiana State University
J. Corey Knoll (2006, Ph.D)

Mills College
Stephan Haluska (2012)

New York University
Teresa Lotz (2011)
Adam Mirza (2008)

Pennsylvania State University
Sally Williams Minnich (2013)

Royal Academy of Music
Cole Wilson

Chris Lortie

Temple University
Anne Neikirk (2010)

University of California San Diego
Nathaniel Hearing (2018)

University of Chicago
Andres Carrizo (2007)

University of Cincinnati
Drew Dolan (2011)

University of Florida
Matthew McCabe (2005)

University of Huddersfield (UK)
Michael Baldwin (2011)

University of Illinois
Lucas Smith (2012)

University of Iowa
Shane Hoose (2010)
Joseph Dangerfield (2002)

University of Miami
Andrew Binder

University of Missouri Kansas City
Chin Ting Chan (2011)
Beth Hummer (2009)

University of North Texas

Kory Reeder (2018)
Joseph Lyszczarz (2012)
Dan Tramte (2010)
Paul Thomas (2007)
Scott Price (2006)

University of Oregon
Kurt Doles (1999)

University of Pittsburgh
Jeff Weston (2012)

University of Texas at Austin
Jon Fielder (2012)
Gregory Cornelius (2004)
Kris Maloy (2002)

University of Virginia
Steven Kemper (2006)


Michael Dennis Albaugh (M.M. 1995), Director of Music, Interlochen

Robert E. Agnew (B.M. 1974), Head of Music Department, Edison St. College

Dr. Anastasia Kaye Barelos (M.M. 2003), Assistant Professor of Theory/Piano Missouri Southern State University

Scott Blanchard (M.M. 2004), Lecturer in Theory, Sight Singing, Ear Training, and Composition at Westfield State University

Matthew David Brazofsky (M.M. 2003) Professor of Composition, Monroe Community College

Andrew Jonathan Buskey (B.M. 1994), New Training Developer, InfoComm International

David Conte (B.M. 1978), Professor of Composition and Chair of the Composition Department at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Nicole Carroll (M.M. 2005), Teaching Position at Harvestworks in New York, NY

Christopher Smith Cavera (M.M. 2000), Director of Recording and Music Technology, Terra Community College  

Hong-Da Chin, Western Illinois University

John Burnie Cooper (M.M. 1992), Director of Jazz Studies, Western Illinois University

Gregory Cornelius (M.M. 2003), Co-director of the New York City concert series AMP

Joseph Dangerfield (M.M. 2002), Associate Professor of Music Composition and Theory, as well as the director of orchestral activities at Coe College, Iowa

Brian Joseph Dobbelaere (M.M. 1998), Director of Music, Saints Peter and Paul Church

Kurt Doles (M.M. 1999), Coordinator of Operations, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts.

Elizabeth Ann Eckert (B.M. 1980), Director of Artistic Administration, Michigan Opera Theater.

Alan Elkins (M.M. 2009), Currently Adjunct Professor of Music at Lee University, Cleveland, TN

David M. Garcia (B.M. 1977), Band Director, Wingate University

Douglas E. Graves (M.M. 1993), Advanced Soundtrack, Wicked the Musical

Stephen Grieco (M.M. 1998), Music Composition & Theory, Community College of Philadelphia

Matthew Harder (M.M. 1999), Interim Dean, College of Arts and Communication, West Liberty University, Wheeling WV

Edward William Harrington (M.M. 1998), Professor of Humanities, Terra State Community College

Jenifer Higdon (B.M. 1986), Professor of Composition, The Curtis Institute of Music

David Jason Hoek (M.M. 1996), Head Music Librarian, Northwestern University

Shana Anthony Hoose (M.M. 2009), Music Technology Instructor, Kirkwood Community College

Steven Kemper, Rutgers University

Mary J. King (M.M. 2000), Assistant Professor of Music Theory/Composition, California Baptist University

Eric Knechtges (M.M. 2005), Assistant Professor of Theory and Composition, Northern Kentucky University

Teresa Dianne Levelle (M.M. 1991), Professor of Music, Whaittier College

Teresa Lotz, Producing Associate, CH Theatrical Development Foundation, New York, NY.

Sally Williams Minnich (M.M. 2012), The Grier School. Private Violin and Piano Teacher.

Kris Malloy (M.M. 2001), Music Faculty Positions at Oklahoma City University and the University of Central Oklahoma

Matthew McCabe (M.M. 2005), Visiting Assistant Professor of Audio Technology, Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University. Member of the Executive Council of the Society of Composers, Inc. Former Technical Director of the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival. Technical Director of the Third Practice Festival at the University of Richmond.

Adam Mirza (M.M. 2002), Co-director of the New York City concert series AMP

Anne Neikirk (M.M. 2009), Professor of Music Theory, University of Delaware and Board member of SCI.

Kirk D. O’Riordan (M.M. 1994) Assistant Professor of Bands, Lafayette College

Carter John Rice (M.M. 2013), Executive Committee of The Society Composers Inc. as the National Student Representative - Spring, 2014

Amy Lynn Riske (M.M. 2008), Admin. Director, Northshore School for the Arts

Erin Rogers (M.M. 2005), Position at Peermusic Classical (Music Publisher) in New York City. Artistic Former Director Random Access Music (RAM) (Composers’ Consortium Based in New York City). Founding Member New York City's “thingNY”

Kristopher L. Maloy (M.M. 2002), Professor of Music, Oklahoma City University

Mark David Petering (M.M. 1998), Professor of Music, Carthage College

Christopher Mario Scinto (M.M. 1997), Chair of Fine and Performing Arts, Paradise Valley Community College

Andrew Smith (DMA 2014), Adjunct Professor, Bowling Green State University

Robert Michael Steel (B.M. 1989), Assistant Professor, De Paul University

Timothy Stulman (D.M.A. 2010), Course Director (Composition/Theory) at Full Sail University

Symeon Waseen (M.M. Spring 2006), Assistant Professor of Music, Black Hills State

Jeff M. Weston (M.M. 2012), Professor, University of Pittsburg

Scott Winship (M.M. 2000), Director of Grant Making Programs, Meet the Composer

Anthony Paul Zilnick (M.M. 1999), Associate Professor, Capital University