Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

The Strategic Communication specialization is concerned with developing effective communication strategies through four online courses.  The Strategic Communication program provides students with up-to-date knowledge and skills in organizational communication, social media, advertising and public relations.

Required Courses:

MC 6550 – Organizational Communication

Structural functional approach to communication in organizations; problems of information load, content and procedural rules, and networks; techniques of auditing organizational communication behaviors.

MC 6551 – Public Relations Research & Practice

This course will combine theory and practice that will be used to develop a comprehensive public relations campaign. This course is useful to both practitioners transitioning into public relations as well as current practitioners moving from public relations technicians to management roles.

MC 6553 – Advertising Research & Practice

This course introduces students to advertising theories and demonstrates how they can be utilized to improve advertising practices. Students learn to develop advertising strategies as part of strategic media communication and evaluate the outcomes based on the goals and objectives.

Electives (Must Select One)

MC 6552 – Social Media Seminar

IS 6120   – Social Media Processes and Analytics

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