DSCF66192015, Master of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2013, Bachelor of Business Administration, Universidad de Málaga
Economist/Corporate Finance Specialist, Larios Tres Legal

Alberto Plaza Avilés has a fascinating background, originating from Málaga, Spain. Here, he obtained his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the University of Málaga and at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. Synchronously, he worked at his own international trading company for two years, expanding his vast knowledge base of business around the globe.

In 2012, Alberto received the opportunity to join BGSU MBA’s summer term, and he jumped at the chance. He studied a couple of subjects during this initial semester, and he fell in love with the process. “The level of the class was great, and people were really friendly; I couldn’t resist the chance of completing my education on the other side of the Atlantic.” This first term sealed the deal and convinced him to officially join the MBA program.

“Joining the BGSU MBA program was by far one of the best decisions of my life.” Alberto reflects on his experience with nothing but admiration. The class style was not only appealing, but highly effective. He enjoyed the short amount of theory mixed with a comprehensive application to real life. In addition, “the professors were highly qualified professionals that taught us in a very entertaining way.”

Another unique aspect of Alberto’s experience in the MBA was his transition from life in Spain to having to adjust to Ohio’s osculating climate. “I really enjoyed living the 4 seasons of Ohio, even winter.” Although most of his colleagues in the program were from Ohio, there was also some additional international presence among his cohort. He was ecstatic to converse with those from contrasting countries, and they all worked hard together. When asked if he was able to make connections with other members of his class, he states, “Absolutely, yes.”

Sports was also a factor that enhanced Alberto’s love for Bowling Green. “The campus was so sport-oriented, which is a big part of my life.” The comprehensive range of sports from university athletics to club teams to intramurals, provides a vast array of entertainment for sports lovers, regardless of their level of competition. Alberto claims that “practicing sports all year long” was a memorable part of his time in the MBA program.

Alberto’s incessant work ethic did not waiver a bit throughout his graduate studies. He successfully navigated “being able to study full time while working in the financial department as a teaching assistant.” However, he still made time for fun and social activities, particularly with his roommate. As he reminisces, he says, “Living with my best friend for 18 months was just one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had in my life.”

After graduating with his MBA, Alberto worked in two different private funds in Miami; the first focused on biotech and the second on high perimeter security as a project´s financial controller. Soon after these roles, he returned to Spain where he realized that having an MBA from an American university opened big doors in Europe, particularly in business and investment opportunities. He was ecstatic to have the chance to work with clients like Facebook and Samsung in all their global projects in Asia and Americas.

Currently, Alberto is a partner at one of the best law and consulting firms in Málaga, Spain. He leads the entire consulting side of the company, focusing on corporate finance and tax consulting. He also teaches Economics 101 to law students at the University at Málaga in the Law School and the HHRR & LLRR College. These positions and his success can be partially attributed to the experiential learning that occurred throughout his master’s program at BGSU. “Having an MBA from BGSU has helped me gain recognition and a broader mindset regarding business, and it has been reflected in my clients’ loyalty and cases that I work on.”

Emily Brown2014, Master of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2013, Bachelor of Human Resources, University of Findlay 2017
Talent Specialist, AgCredit

Prior to beginning her master’s degree at Bowling Green State University, Emily Brown studied Human Resources at the University of Findlay and was eager to obtain a position within the field of HR. However, after completing her bachelor’s degree, the job search process was not as promising as she had hoped. She recounts, “All the HR positions at the time required either a HS diploma or a master’s degree, which led me to begin researching grad schools.” Amid this research, she eventually stumbled upon BGSU and felt like she found her perfect match.

“I applied to BGSU on a Sunday, and they called me on Monday.” Emily was extremely impressed with the ease of admissions, and she claims that everything about the process just felt right from the very beginning. She also states that being awarded a graduate assistantship position made her decision of choosing Bowling Green’s Full-Time MBA program over competitors even easier. 

Emily completed her undergraduate in May of 2013, and after a quick turnaround, began her MBA in August of the same year. From the onset, she had “the absolute best experience.” Not only because of the fun activities that BGSU offers outside of the classroom, such as a plethora of student activities and professional organizations, but because of the value and intense learning that occurred in class as well.

One of the most notable skills acquired throughout the MBA program for Emily was an enhanced set of communication skills. Stemming from countless group projects, she learned how to effectively communicate with all kinds of people; she found herself conversing with everyone, from different generations to international students. Not only did this help her interpersonal skills, but it benefitted her in a practical manner: “I entered the world of recruiting after graduation, so those communication skills were extremely valuable to me.”

Another memorable aspect of her MBA experience at BGSU was the personal and professional connections formed. Not only did she connect well with other members of her cohort, but she also made several connections with the speakers and business professionals who came in to speak to students. “My first job came from getting to know Tom Daniels, director of the program, who helped me connect with my first company I went to work for.” This was a basic recruiting role, and she cannot thank Tom enough for getting her feet into the door of her dream industry.

Emily spent her first year after grad school getting as much experience and expertise in recruiting as possible before moving into her first HR Generalist role at a non-profit in the area. Interestingly, this role also came from her connections at BGSU. “I hit it off with one of the speakers who came in for a Human Resources panel, she hired me, and she remains to be one of my best friends today.” This illustrates how impactful BGSU’s Full-Time MBA model may be to help students form meaningful, beneficial connections with business professionals.

Today, Emily works as a Talent Specialist at AgCredit, helping to manage its recruiting and hiring processes, career development, and employee engagement. “I work with employees of every generation, from those about to retire to college students looking for an internship.” Hence, the communication skills she refined during her MBA experience still play a relevant part in her daily role. “Communication is the biggest skill that’s helped me be successful after I finished school. I also think having my MBA sets me up for success whenever I’m ready to take my career to the next level.”

Overall, Emily had an incredible experience in the Full-Time MBA program at BGSU, and it has benefitted her life in many ways, both on a professional and personal level. From getting exposed to established individuals who secured her professional roles, to acquiring the ability to communicate with virtually anyone she encounters, Emily evolved into a well-rounded businesswoman ready to chase her professional goals and differentiate herself from others in the industry.

Logan Dietz2017, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2016, Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, BGSU

Logan Dietz maximized every day of his time at Bowling Green State University, particularly since he was eligible to play for a fifth year as a student athlete. Capitalizing on his extra year, Logan decided to get two degrees.  

“I was really attracted to the flexibility of the MBA program and how accommodating it was for the student athletes. Being familiar with the Schmidthorst College of Business Administration and the quality of the education and professors, as well as knowing that getting my MBA would benefit me in the long run made my decision very easy.

With a bachelor’s degree in finance, Logan found the transition to the MBA program to be seamless.

“My biggest takeaway from the MBA program was the “Leading for Organizational Success” c0urse because this was something I had never been exposed to. Learning how to be a leader and a manager is something that stays with you your whole career as you move up in your company and begin to manage people.”

Logan is currently a financial planner at Hefren-Tillotson, a wealth management company in Pittsburgh, PA.
“While going through the MBA program I really wasn’t sure of the path I wanted to take so I networked and talked to as many people in the finance world to learn what the possibilities were out there.

“Just by networking and talking to as many people as I could, I found my way to where I am today with a great company and a great future ahead of me.”

Katherine Eboch2017, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2012, Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fine Arts in Drama/Technical Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University

Katherine Eboch’s journey to an MBA demonstrates the ease in which students with non-business backgrounds can transition into graduate business program. With a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a few years of experience in that field, Katherine decided she wanted to make a change. Knowing that BGSU’s Schmidthorst College of Business was nationally ranked solidified her choice. Her decision and MBA degree led to her current position as an Inventory and Database Manager at Soles4Souls.

“Once over the initial shock of taking a math course (or three) for the first time since high school, I learned so much from my professors and graduate assistantship positions. There were many great opportunities for real-life applications of what we were learning in class. The best part of the program was studying abroad in Strasbourg, France.

Katherine encourages graduate students to remain active in clubs and programs outside their studies.

“My advice to current and future MBA students is to get involved and make the most of your time here. Just because you are a grad student doesn’t mean you can’t participate in clubs, activities, or other parts of campus life. Go to a hockey game. Attend a business club meeting. Participate in MLK Day of service. You would be surprised at how much the undergrads can teach you and how rewarding it is to befriend and mentor them.”

Kyle Henry2015, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2013, Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, BGSU

Kyle Henry’s experience running his family farm operations gave him a taste of the business sector, one he found he enjoyed quite a bit. So, when it became difficult to find a full-time teaching job in a saturated market, Kyle turned to BGSU’s MBA program to pursue a degree he believed would give him a step up in the agriculture industry.

“I knew that BGSU’s MBA program and its Schmidthorst College of Business were very well regarded. I really liked that the program was relatively short and that it was designed for those who do not have a business background.”

“Transitioning into the MBA program with only a small business background was easier than anticipated. The faculty geared their classes to non-business background students which was very valuable.”

Kyle was offered a position at Owens Corning as a Sourcing Specialist soon after obtaining his MBA. He is responsible for buying raw materials for several factories throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“I never really expected to get into this field of work, but I really enjoy my job and the company. Being one of the few employees to have my MBA, I am looked up to for my leadership and technical skills.”

Wanzhou Liu2017, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Shanghai Maritime University, China

After two years in the workforce in China using his undergraduate business, Wanzhou Liu felt a Masters in Business Administration would have a huge impact on furthering his career. He studied for the GMAT and the TOEFL exam, an English-language exam for study, immigration and work. After passing both, he was accepted in BGSU’s MBA program.
His hard work paid off. He is currently working in venture capital analysis in a US-China multibillion-dollar conglomerate where he reports directly to the chairman.

“During my MBA studies I not only gained knowledge from classes, but more importantly, I learned the essence of the learning process. With this skill, I researched the company and was better prepared for the interview.”

Wanzhou advice to MBA students includes, “As you learn material from books, think about how you can apply this knowledge to your work in the future. Get involved in professional activities which will give you a better understanding of the industry you work in after graduation. Finally, send out more resumes and do more interviews. They are among the best learning opportunities and will help you find a satisfying career.”

Hunter Marcuson2017, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2016, Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric Communication, BGSU

After deciding that he wanted to explore something beyond a communications career, Hunter Marcuson chose to complete the Masters of Business Administration program at BGSU.

“I always liked business, so I figured why not go for my MBA. It flowed well with where I was at in life. I did not want to take a job that I would not be happy with, so it worked out perfectly at that point in my life.”

Since completing his MBA Hunter as worked as a marketing consultant for a multimillion-dollar franchise in Detroit and later became a property manager for a real estate company in Tucson, Arizona.

Today he has found his favorite part of his MBA is the entrepreneurial skills and options it has provided. He has used his interest in competitive marksmanship to obtain sponsors and be a sales consultant for a firearms company.

“I am using my MBA to explore many different paths. I would advise any current MBA student to keep an open mind and not to zone in on any one path. Always let people know you have your MBA because they are just as interested in drive individuals as you are interested in getting a job.”

Amarie Matthews2018, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2017, Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, BGSU

Amarie Matthews kept hearing so many positive comments about BGSU’s MBA program in her American Association for University Women’s group that she decided to explore it further. After attending a few information sessions, Amarie knew the MBA program was an ideal match for her goal to expand on her business minor.
“It seemed like a very reasonable program and the fact that I could start as an advanced undergraduate was very attractive,” said Amarie.

With the core business classes her undergraduate degree provided, Amarie smoothly transitioned to the master’s program.

“I could tell the MBA program was a different level than what I was used to, but I was looking for a challenge and the program provided me with that.”

Her advanced skill set, and tenacity helped Amarie to secure her current position as Support Coordinator at Cardinal Health. After applying for the position in the Spring of 2018, Amarie learned they wanted to hire someone before she graduated. Cardinal Health was so impressed with her potential and skills that they held the position for her until she finished the MBA program.

“It is a dynamic role where I get to work with customer care and manage national business accounts. I work directly with customers which I really enjoy.”

“The MBA program really helped prepare me for the workplace and the type of role I have now. I learned how to do group work and effectively communicate with my coworkers. The MBA classes truly mimic the workplace, so it felt very familiar when I entered the real work force.”

Florence Montarmani2017, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2016, Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and minor in Chemistry, BGSU

Florence Montarmani entered Bowling Green State University’s MBA program confident that the degree would help open doors to potential new careers. Even she was surprised at how many doors it opened.
Florence chose to enter the MBA program after deciding she did not want to continue a pre-med path, but still wanted to continue her educational career. Knowing that she could complete the Masters in Business Administration program in one year was an added plus.

Her early trepidations about entering the program without a business background quickly dissipated once she started classes.

“Of course, the terminology of the courses was a bit difficult, but the math was easier for me than some people because of my science background.”

Florence found she loved everything about the MBA program, particularly her study abroad experience in Strasbourg, France.

“I also became very close with my cohort members and still keep in touch with them.”

The MBA program also opened Florence’s eyes to a career path she had never considered. The revelation came through a Business Law and Ethics class.

“I had never though about law school before this class, so it was a big takeaway for me. I never missed this class and enjoyed learning the information. I did some research and talked to the professor who was a practicing attorney and decided that this was the path I wanted to take.”

After graduating from the MBA program, Florence began law school at DePaul University in Chicago.

“I want to go into patent law which requires some type of science background as well as business knowledge, so it brings everything full circle. The MBA taught me to think in a more professional capacity and showed me that there are many different paths you take with this degree.”

Lindsay Nelson2015, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2014, Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, BGSU
After completing her undergraduate degree, Lindsay Nelson recognized that she wanted to pursue different studies, and believed joining Bowling Green State University’s MBA program would help provide the most opportunities for job growth.
“I wanted to diverse myself and get more of a business background in case I wanted to take a different career route. I joined the MBA program to expand my horizons.”

She acknowledges that transitioning to business from a creative background was a bit of a challenge but found the team approach offered through the MBA program helped bridge the change.

“Adjusting was hard, but I was very dedicated, and the cohort experience was great because we were always studying and working together, so I didn’t feel like I was on my own.”

The MBA program also helped Lindsay realize that she enjoyed finance, accounting, and the business sector much more than she had anticipated.

Once she chose a business sector totally different than the retail environment she once thought she would enjoy, everything clicked. Lindsay is currently a Capacity Planning Analyst for Arthrex, a medical device manufacturing company.

“My job is extremely different from corporate planning, but I enjoy it so much more. It is much more challenging, and I learn something new every day. Without my MBA, I would not have been able to get into this different field.”

Aj Shank2019, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2016, Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies Performance, University of Missouri-Kansas City

AJ Shank likes keeping his options open. So, while he knew he would always have a love of music, he took a broader view when looking at future fulltime careers.

“When researching options, my interests often lined up with MBA programs,” he said. “I learned BGSU’s Schmidthorst College of Business was well regarded, so I knew this program would be a great fit for me.”

Turned out the critical and analytical thinking skills that were a natural part of AJ’s musical background were also the perfect skills to have in the MBA program.

After meeting a recruiter for Bendix at a Supply Chain Management Association luncheon, AJ visited their booth at BGSU’ Fall Job Expo and landed an interview and offer for an internship. He joined Bendix as an intern in December 2018, working with their delivery department in customer service where he managed reports and other company projects.

“I really enjoyed what I was doing and the culture of the company,” he said. “Knowing that they were looking for someone for a new role in the customer service department, I kept after it in hopes of acquiring a full-time position.”

His internship and persistence paid off. AJ is currently a Customer Service Representative for Bendix. BGSU’s MBA program turned out to be the perfect choice for AJ to advance his skills and follow a career path he discovered he loved during his studies.

Jessica Sheets2015, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2013, Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning, BGSU

Scholarships, graduate assistantships and completing a master’s program in one year convinced Jessica Sheets that BGSU’s Masters of Business Administration was the path to take. Jessica, Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society in Tampa, FL, knew that adding to her business acumen would give her a career edge.
Although she did not have a business background going into the MBA program, Jessica found its cohort model provided a new level of support.

“The transition was easier than I thought it would be. The cohort aspect of the program helped me feel connected and I had people I could rely on. The courses and the instructors also made the transition into the business world a little easier.”

“Throughout the program the cohort aspect was really important and helped me get through some of the challenging times. I am still connected with some of my cohort members.”

Jessica found her MBA perfectly supplemented her event planning skills. Her account management knowledge, networking skills, and business acumen add a new level of expertise to her work in community development.
Jessica encourages MBA students to maximize the many benefits its cohort model provides.

“Take advantage of the cohort model and the people who are learning and growing with you. Make the most of the time you have and your investment in the program by learning and being present in each course.”

Ben Steward2017, Masters of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University
2016, Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, BGSU

Ben Steward knew that he wanted to be a chiropractor—and have his own practice. He knew his chiropractor skills would come from his degree in exercise science and chiropractor school. Successfully running his own practice required something more. Ben turned to BGSU’s Masters of Business Administration program to acquire the skills and experience he will need to open his own practice.

While he entered the MBA program from a non-business background, Ben found the program’s cohort model provided an ideal format to connect and learn from others.

“The cohort model was very helpful when it came to classwork,” he said. “There are many people with different education backgrounds and areas of strength working together to figure things out. I formed some really great relationships with my cohort members, and it was especially interesting becoming friends with international students and learning about different cultures.”

Ben’s MBA leadership courses took him to area companies where he witnessed firsthand how the business practices he learned in the classroom were applied in the real world.

Today, Ben is nearly finished with chiropractor school in Seneca Falls, NY. He’s found the knowledge and skills he learned in BGSU’s MBA program have helped him even in his technical classes, particularly as they relate to working in groups.
When he completes chiropractor school, Ben knows his MBA will play an equal role in his own practice.

“The MBA program helped me gain the knowledge I will need to create a business plan to present to banks for a loan to open my own practice,” he said.  “The leadership skills I acquired will help me with directing my employees. And the finance and accounting classes will definitely help with operating my practice.”

Brian Trent2017, Masters of Business Administration, BGSU
2018, Master of Accountancy, BGSU
2016, Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Bowling Green State University

Brian Trent wanted the best graduate education for the best career possible and he found it.
“I chose BGSU’s MBA program because it continues to be a highly ranked program and the staff were great advisors and mentors.”

Brian believes the MBA’s cohort model is the ideal way to maximize the knowledge and potential of students with a variety of backgrounds.

“I like that you finish with the people you started with while creating lasting relationships, both professionally and personally. The group aspect of the program helps you get out of your comfort zone.”

Brian, who is the controller at Tenable Protective Services in Cleveland, said his MBA gave him stronger credentials that helped him obtain his current position.

“The MBA program lays the foundation for growth. In the current workforce, most places require a master’s degree, so receiving my MBA right away was the right choice. Being younger than many people in the work force and having an MBA gives me an edge over the rest.”

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