“My name is Tom Fitzpatrick and I graduated from the program in 2015. I currently work as an Enrolled Agent in a family owned Accounting/Tax office just outside of Boston, MA. My first job out of the BGSU MBA was working as an analyst at a large building products manufacturer, before I made the leap to change industry and my career. I chose the BGSU MBA program for a few reasons. My wife (then girlfriend) and I were moving from Boston, MA to Ohio so that she could pursue her master's degree and I was looking for a program close to where we would be living (Tiffin), a program that was full time, AACSB accredited, and allowed me to complete my MBA in a year, versus several other programs that I was looking into which were two years. The BGSU MBA also ended up being much more affordable for me, as compared to schools in my home state of MA.  I really enjoyed the site visits that we made with Tom Daniels including Spangler Candy, The Andersons, Fifth Third Bank, and others. It was great to be able to tour local companies, meet with their management, and really get an in-depth look at day-to-day life in a range of industries. The most valuable part of the program to me was the cohort model and the great friendships that were made. I now have friends all over the country, working in all different types of businesses that I can look to for advice, bounce ideas off of, or just meet up and have a great time. I recommend that future MBA students get as involved as possible with the program and university. Take advantage of the resources that BGSU has and use it as a springboard for your career.”  -Tom Fitzpatrick 


“My name is Robert Divine, I am a graduate of BGSU's MBA program in 2014. After being in the professional world for a few years, I knew it was time for me to obtain an MBA to further my personal and career ambitions. I was drawn to BGSU due to its accelerated program, meaning I could "get in and get it done" a lot quicker than with other programs. Despite the intensity of the program, there were many opportunities for networking and learning outside of the classroom, it was these various events that I enjoyed the most and see to have helped me. The consistent practice of networking has helped me in many different times in my career following BGSU. The program at BGSU exposed me to many different concepts, career paths, and people that created a worthwhile experience. I would strongly recommend for people interested in an MBA to consider BGSU, think about the duration of the program, the opportunities provided, weigh your options and no matter where you go, take advantage of as many events as possible.”  -Robert Divine


“My name is Devon Shirey and I graduated from the MBA program in December of 2015 with a specialization in Finance. I currently am a Loan Operations Specialist with Genoa Bank, a 2017 and 2018 winner of the Top Work Places in Toledo. I chose the BGSU MBA program for two reasons. First, I had already gotten my Master’s of Music from BGSU in 2013 and I was familiar with the campus and all that BGSU had to offer. Second, I liked that I could be finished with the program in one year, or one and a half depending on if I chose to specialize or not. I learned that every person you meet is a possible connection point for your career and liked the diversity of the MBA program. The program taught me that you absolutely do not have to come from a business background/undergraduate program to be successful. To me, the most valuable aspect of the MBA program at BGSU was the constant networking. Treat every interaction like a possible job interview. You never know when you are going to meet someone, whether it is a recruiter or even someone in your cohort, who can offer you that ever coveted position.” -Devon Shirey


“My name is Katherine Eboch and I graduated in May 2017. I am a Demand Planning Analyst at Dollar General Corporate Headquarters outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I always knew the College of Business was a top ranked business school and practically grew up on BGSU’s campus as my mom is a professor at the school. (Shout out to management professor Karen Eboch!) While it did not fit into my plans for my bachelor’s degree (I attended Carnegie Mellon University and earned my BFA in Drama/Technical Theatre) I was thrilled for the chance to attend as a graduate student. After working for a couple years after graduating from CMU, I was ready for a change and decided grad school was the next step for me. With the family connection as well as my husband accepting a job in the area, I decided BGSU was the place for me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend the school and the friendships I made while there. Once over the initial shock of taking a math course (or three) for the first time since high school, I learned so much from my professors and graduate assistantship positions. There were many great opportunities for real-life application of what we were learning in class through various projects. Though the best part about the program was definitely studying abroad in Strasbourg, France. While abroad I had the chance to see how business differs in other countries and learn more about the European Union.  Beyond studying abroad in France, I participated in a number of clubs (SCMA, WBL, Rotaract), had some awesome graduate assistantship positions (The Hatch/E-Week & CCCE), met a lot of amazing people who have become friends and mentors, and experienced campus life activities such as LeaderShape, MLK Day of Service, Alternative Breaks, and even cheering in the student section at sporting events! This program also allowed me to continue my studies into a second year where I completed the Supply Chain Management track as well as taking other courses of interest including Non-Profit Management, Business Intelligence, and Professional Selling. My advice to current and future MBA students is to get involved and make the most of your time here. Just because you are a grad student doesn’t mean you can’t participate in clubs, activities, or other parts of campus life. Go to a hockey game! Attend a business club meeting! Participate in MLK Day of Service! You would be surprised how much the undergrads can teach you and how rewarding it is to befriend and mentor them.” -Katherine Eboch