Entrepreneurship Scholarships

Entrepreunership Scholarships Criteria
THE LEWIS BECKER FUND (BOOK SCHOLARSHIP) A sophomore. junior, or senior minoring in entrepreneurship, minimum 2.65 GPA and demonstrate future promise, demonstrated financial need.
GARY A. SCHUETZ ENTREPRENEURIAL SCHOLARSHIP A sophomore, junior, or senior minoring in entrepreneurship, minimum 3.00 GPA, demonstrated that student is working to support educational expenses. Preference given to students from Illinois.
NORMAN R. SEAMAN SCHOLARSHIP A junior majoring in business administration, minimum GPA of 2.75, demonstrated leadership in campus, community, or entrepreneurial endeavors, essay on entrepreneurial opportunity                                                                                                    
Applicants for the Norman R. Seaman Scholarship are required to write an original essay on a topic in the area of entrepreneurial opportunity.  Appropriate topics are limited only by the writer's imagination.  There is no required length for the essay, but less than 2500 words is typical.  The selection committee will give significant weight to the substance and quality of the essay submitted.
Sample essay topics (these are intended to be suggestive, not limiting):
Property Rights and Free Enterprise
Intellectual Property and Free Enterprise
Case Study of an American Entrepreneur
The Role of and Need for Venture Capital in the American Economic System
Family-Owned Entrepreneurships
What Do We Mean by "Entrepreneurship?"
Women Entrepreneurs
The Right To Fail:  Key to Entrepreneurial Action?
The Succession Problem in Entrepreneurial Businesses
Why Entrepreneurs Leave Large Corporations
Cultural Values Which Beget Entrepreneurship
JOSEPH FRANK ZIEMIANSKI ENTREPRENEUR SCHOLARSHIP A sophomore, junior, or senior minoring in entrepreneurship, preference to students working full or part-time to support their educational expenses and/or students who are actively involved in the campus community, an essay on why enrolled in the entrepreneurship minor is required.
R & V Warnsman Entrepreneurial Scholarship Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies
Must be sophomore, junior or senior in good academic standing
Miles Scholarship Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies
Minimum GPA of 3.0