Faculty Expectations Statement

What We Expect of Students:

    •    Attendance - Students are expected to consistently attend class, arrive to class on time, stay for the entire class, and to let instructors know when this will not be the case.
    •    Preparation - Students are expected to put in the necessary work outside of class (reading, watching video, practice problems) to be prepared for class.  
    •    Participation – Students are expected to contribute regularly and meaningfully, as the course structure allows.
    •    Academic Honesty - Students are expected to be aware of and uphold the BGSU Academic Code of Conduct.
    •    Professional Etiquette/Manners - Students are expected to behave in a manner that enhances the learning or skill development of themselves and others.
    •    Engagement – Students are expected to be actively involved outside of the classroom (community service, extracurricular clubs, internships), in order to discover and nurture their passion.

What Students Can Expect of Us:   

    •    Communication – Students can expect faculty to clearly describe specific expected behavior, course policies, due dates of assignments, the criteria on which they will be graded, and any changes to the course.
    •    Preparation and Organization – Students can expect faculty to be well-prepared for class activities, and maintain sufficient organization for the functionality of the course.
    •    Feedback – Students can expect faculty to provide feedback, either through reasonably prompt graded assignments, or written and oral comments.
    •    Expertise - Students can expect faculty to be well-qualified and passionate about the subject they teach, and to provide real-world applications of material when appropriate.
    •    Accessibility – Students can expect faculty to hold regular office hours, and to reply to email and discussion boards within a few days’ time.  Faculty will try to learn student names, and will generally be cordial to students outside the classroom.
    •    Respect – Students can expect the faculty to respect their privacy, and to avoid denigrating the student when circumstances cause the student’s performance to be less than optimal.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:03PM