International Business Association

The International Business Association’s mission is to provide value of membership and knowledge of international business as well as all issues pertinent to international business along with career development to its members. Through fun enriching activities, IBA makes a great endeavor to  foster understanding of international business and to help prepare fellow students in their success in the global business world. It  is member oriented and reacts to the needs of its members.

Our meetings are fun, filled with activities to learn more about international business around the world. Once a year, the association travels.  Our members have been traveled to Cleveland, Chicago, and  Toronto. Besides visiting international companies in those large cities, our members also enjoyed sightseeing and international food. Our main annual event is called "Passport for Entertainment". It is the night filled with attractions and food from all over the world. We also go to the Annual International Business Club Summit that is hosted by the Ohio State University in April. Participating in such Summit allows us to learn from sister universities and share our experience on running IBA with each other. Besides these fun activities, we also conduct IB research on emerging topics and present our paper at international business conference. Our members all agreed that they learned a lot from the process of conducting and presenting research paper at the conference.

Membership:  The International Business Association welcomes not only International Business majors, but also anyone interested in different cultures and countries.

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Faculty Advisor Man Zhang
President Hillary Rennecker
Membership Contact Jenny Shepherd

Updated: 01/09/2018 04:18PM