We encourage all students to complete at least one internship during their academic career. Internships can be completed during fall, spring or summer semester. Students with internships have more career opportunities.

Attend fall and spring career expos and utilize the services of the Business Career Accelerator which is exclusive to Schmidthorst College of Business Students. You can also visit the BGSU Career Center.


Christopher Wentling, Nordson

During my internship, I used the skills I learned in a variety of different classes on projects such as constructing quote packages for the resourcing of more than 100 parts at a time. This provided valuable insight about the mindset and the analytics behind sourcing decisions within a purchasing department. While at Nordson, I was presented with unique personal development opportunities such as Six Sigma training and team-building workshops. Overall, I had a great summer working in supply chain and look forward to putting the acquired skills to use throughout my academic and professional career.