My Online Experience

Dagmar Chapin 200Self Discovery in a Global Pandemic
- Dagmar Chapin

From studying abroad to studying at home: quick decision making kept me ahead of a global pandemic

Gloria Souter 200A Blessing in Disguise - Gloria Souter

When I left for school on March 11 to go home for Spring Break I didn’t know it would be the last time I ever step foot on BGSU’s campus. I was now going to be home for rest of the semester, taking online classes. But I didn’t get to see my family a lot and now spending everyday with them is a blessing.

Ambassador 2019 Elsass 200BG Apartment Quality Quarantining - Nick Elsass

I’m in a small BG apartment with two roommates, a dog, and no personal space. Staying focused and organized while also finding new ways to entertain myself has been a challenge, but not impossible.

Ambassador 2019 Nichole 200Switching to Online Remote Classes - Nichole Cox

In this short video I talk about what has changed from having in-person classes to remote online classes and the benefits that come along with that.

Brooke Schlatter 200Tips & Encouragement for Transition to Online Learning - Brooke Schlatter

This video includes tips and some words of encouragement for the transition from in-person to online/remote learning.

Ambassador 2019 Drew 200My Covid-19 Quarantine Doesn’t Get the Best of Me! - Drew Banziger

Drew Banziger sits down and chats about changes to routine, comfort changes, as well as ways to cope with your mental health.

Ambassador 2019 Jazzmin 200Student View of Covid-19 - Jazzmin Speziali

Hello, my name is Jazzmin Speziali and I am a senior from Whitehouse, Ohio studying business analytics and intelligence at BGSU. Like you, I have many concerns regarding the implications of Covid-19. I wanted to share this article with you to let you know you’re not alone.

Updated: 04/07/2022 01:57PM