Hatchlings Selected for The Hatch 2015


Eighty student applications were narrowed to nine of the best business ideas to compete for investor funding in The Hatch 2015. The Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership announced the nine Hatchlings at the Global Entrepreneurship Week event on November 20. 

With a format similar to the popular television show “Shark Tank,” these selected student entrepreneurs will present their business ideas on April 8 to a group of alumni investors vying for funds to launch their business.

Despite the possibility of not being funded, these students are receiving knowledge that they can’t learn inside the classroom.  This experience is providing them with real-world knowledge that will carry them throughout their careers.

The Hatchlings include the following students and their business ideas:

Michael Cervantes - operate a Hibachi food truck in northwest Ohio targeting 20 – 30 year olds.

Meredith Keller - develop an app for monitoring Cystic Fibrosis.

Mark Kohn - start up “U-Beequity”, a beekeeping business.

Matthew Snider - design TRIck Shot, a three-in-one game table for Cornhole, Hillbilly Golf, and Beer Pong.

Haksun Lee - create a teddy bear to teach children different languages.

Thomas Steven - develop a campus taxi.

Allen Viancourt - launch “Tech Turf: The Next generation of Turf Fields”.

Elsa Vogel - design personalized clothing through a company called “Pieces of Me”.

Devon Williams - create “MuSync,” an app enabling real-time music sharing.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM