Prescription Drug Awareness


Prescription For Prevention

A way to keep up with the social scene, an outlet to numb pain and a practice that can affect lives when abused. Prescription medications are among the most highly abused substances in the United States. This site is supported by Cardinal Health and Generation Rx whom help to educate prescription drug users on the importance of safety, “You focus on what matters most: improving people’s lives. We focus on helping you do just that” as stated on the Cardinal Health website.

Students are more than likely to be exposed to non-prescribed prescription drugs at some point during their college career.  Education is key in not only the effort to change the misperceptions of prescription drug abuse, but also the behavior associated.

Those participating in discussions regarding prescription drug use should consider the risks and suggested safety precautions involved when using prescription drugs. Change the habits, behaviors and misperceptions of prescription drug abuse and avoid becoming just another statistic.

Updated: 07/09/2021 11:23AM