Guest Artist Information

General Information

Guest artist appearances, including performances, clinics and master classes, seminars, workshops and symposiums must have departmental approval and chair signature before being submitted to the Public Events Office. The Public Events Office will consider these requests on a space/time available basis. The Moore Musical Arts Center facilities may not be committed without prior approval by the Public Events Office.  

The College prefers to not schedule events conflicting with each other on the same day, with the exception of student recitals.


Rental of the Moore Musical Arts Center requires a signed contract. A complete facility usage policy will be supplied at the time the contract is issued. It is understood that all provisions of the usage policy are in effect unless otherwise noted in the contract.

Renters will be charged a usage fee as outlined in the Usage Policy.

Receptions and Food Service

Those wishing to hold a reception in the Green Room should obtain a Green Room Usage Form. No receptions can be scheduled unless this form is completed. All setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the user. User will be charged for extra cleaning time at the University rate.

Trash bags are provided and should be put into the large barrel located in the kitchen. No leftover food and/or beverage is to remain in the refrigerator. Trash is to be taken to the dumpster at the loading dock (located off of entrance by the first floor elevator) not left in the Green Room or Kitchen.

Use of the kitchen includes ice machine, refrigerator, two eight-foot tables and microwave. All utensils are to be washed (dish soap is provided) and returned to the kitchen. Extra chairs are to be stacked on the racks in the prep room.

User will be charged full replacement cost for any damage.

The University Student Code strictly controls the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Permission to serve alcohol must be obtained from the Office of the Dean.


The Public Events Office can create guest artist programs for you. Complete program materials must be submitted via email to two weeks prior to the event date, at minimum.


Guest Artist Recitals

Performance Lighting (Bryan Recital Hall Only)

If you have not arranged with Recording Services to have the event recorded, performance lighting for events in Bryan Recital Hall is not available.

Piano Reservation

Performance pianos are tuned on a regularly scheduled basis. Specific pianos may be reserved for performance by submitting an online Piano Reservation form two weeks in advance. If specific piano needs can only be determined the day of performance, please inform the Piano Technician at least two weeks in advance.