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    In the academic year 1914-15 Hesser established three choral groups, in order from first to last, The Treble Cleff Club (24 voices); the May Festival Chorus (200 voices); and the Philharmonic Club (75 voices).  These are their descriptions in the section on student activities in the earliest Normal College catalogue (1914):

Treble Cleff Club

     (Girls' Glee Club).  Membership is limited to twenty-four voices chosen according to singing ability.  Programs are given consisting of the best part-songs, choruses, and ballads, written for ladies voices.

    The Treble Clef Club had a long life of 43 years.  The position of Director of the group was consistent over its first 14 years (Ernest G. Hesser, the Richard M. Tunnicliffe), and the last 21 years (James Paul Kennedy).  Only the period 1928 through 1936 saw a rapid turnover in conductors.


Ernest G. Hesser             1914-1920

Richard M. Tunnicliffe  1920-1928

Matilda Morlock            1928-29

Marian D. Hall               1929-31; 1932-34

Minnie Stensland           1931-32

Margaret Scruggs           1935-36

James Paul Kennedy     1936-1957

The first recorded picture of the ensemble was taken in 1918 on the steps of Williams Hall, then the women’s dormitory. 

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