Pro Musica Faculty/Staff Award

Pro Musica's annual Faculty/Staff Award for Exceptional Service to Students

Pro Musica annually seeks to honor a College of Musical Arts faculty or staff member who has demonstrated exceptional service to students. Guidelines for this award are as follows:

Any full- or part-time faculty, administrative staff, and classified staff member in the College of Musical Arts is eligible, except that a period of at least three full years must elapse before a previous winner is again eligible (ineligible for 2021 are Sujin Lee and Kevin Bylsma).

To be selected for this award, a faculty/staff member must have demonstrated exceptional service to BGSU students.  This may be demonstrated through teaching, advising, or informal interaction outside the classroom, studio, or rehearsal room.  Examples of such service include, but are not limited to, providing high quality advisement, furnishing special out-of-class help sessions, attending performances and engaging students in discussions about these performances, implementing stimulating means of involving students in the process of their own education, hosting student meetings in their homes, supporting students through attendance at special CMA events (e.g., CMA convocations, Honors and Awards ceremonies, audition and "Discovery" days, events planned by students to enhance student-faculty interaction, commencement day breakfasts, Parent's Day receptions, events for visiting secondary school students). Service should be above and beyond normal assignments or expectations and should be of regular and continuing nature.

Any CMA student, faculty member, or staff member may make a nomination and include a short letter of support.  The Award is presented at the College of Musical Arts Honors and Awards ceremony.

Please send your nominations to Laura Charland,

Past Award Winners

1992 Judith Bentley
1993 Jackie Instone
1994 Mark Kelly
1997 Ed Duling
1998 Paul Hunt
1999 Elaine Colprit & Mark Munson
2000 Carol Hess & Kevin Schempf
2001 Nancy Buck & Kathleen Moss
2002 William Skoog
2003 Russell Schmidt
2004 G Richard Reece
2005 Vasile Beluska
2006 Myra Merritt
2007 Keith Hofacker & Barbara Lockard Zimmerman
2008 Penny Kruse
2009 Kevin Bylsma & Linda Szych
2010 Richard Kennell
2011 Carol Hayward
2012 Doug Wayland
2013 Kevin Schempf
2014 Conor Nelson & David Saltzman
2015 John Sampen
2016 Lisa Martin
2017 Charles Saenz
2018 Sujin Lee
2019 Kevin Bylsma
2020 Ryan Ebright
2021 Elizabeth Menard & Robert Satterlee