Pro Musica Grant Reports

Guidelines for Report

To be eligible for reimbursement, Pro Musica student grant recipients are required to submit a written report and photo within 30 calendar days of the approved event date.


  • Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • Word document (PDF is not acceptable)
  • Single-spaced
  • Formatted heading in the upper left-hand corner (see sample heading below)
    • First and last name in bold
    • Full name of the creative activity/scholarly endeavor (competition, conference, workshop) as it appears on the website and/or application form
    • Location (city, state, or city, country [events in Canada are to be listed as city, province])
    • Date(s) participated
    • Photo file name
    • Photo information

Sample Heading

Richard Johnson
The New England Conference of Music Theorists
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts
April 8-9, 2016

Photo file name: Richard Johnson_Conference of Music Theorists.jpg
Photo information: Richard Johnson, Joe Smith, Susie Sanders, at the New England Conference of Music Theorists

Report Content

Consider the impression that you want your writing to convey. Proofreading is essential to your writing, as your report will be published in the Pro Musica newsletter, Pro Musician, and/or on the Pro Musica website. Please use multiple paragraphs in your report if applicable. Reports not fulfilling the requirements will be returned for revision.*

For the content of your grant report, address a minimum of 3-4 of the prompts below:

  • Setting/location of the professional experience
  • Experiencing a new culture
  • Faculty met/worked with
  • The content of a specific class, presentation or workshop
  • Pieces played or heard
  • Feedback from judges
  • Friendships developed
  • Career connections/networking
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Anticipated benefits from your professional experience
  • Promoting the BGSU College of Musical Arts
  • Knowledge gained to be shared with classmates
  • Music related side trips/sightseeing
  • Challenges/setbacks (illness, issues with instrument, miscommunications)

*Please take advantage of the resources available at the Learning Commons located at the Jerome Library on the BGSU campus. Tutors can assist you with your writing (Assistance is available for non-native English speakers). You may submit a draft, schedule an appointment, or request a virtual session.

Photo Submission

A digital photo, along with the names of those appearing in the photo (listed from left to right), the location of the photo and a copy of the program (if applicable) are required.

  • High resolution jpg format at 300 dpi and/or 72 dpi large format (PDF format is not acceptable)
  • Label file as your name, followed by event (see Heading Information)
  • Do not place any written information on your photo
  • Try to include banners/posters or something that identifies the event
  • Photo with clinician(s) and/or well-known artist(s) at the event are desirable
  • Limit of 5-6 individuals in the photo (remember, everyone must be identified and listed from left to right)                                  For example: Richard Johnson, Joe Smith and Susie Sanders at the NE Conference of Music Theorists        
  • Double check photo to be sure it is sharp; not blurred and/or distorted by lighting, etc.