Organization Development Graduate Programs

BGSU offers two graduate programs focused on Organization Development: a Master of Organization Development and a Doctorate in Organization Development & Change. Both degrees focus on the application of behavioral sciences for organizational transformation and community revitalization. Learn more about each program below.

BGSU's Master of Organization Development provides professionals with the opportunity to obtain a master's degree in as little as 20 months. This program equips students with tools to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. This is recognized as one of the top programs of its kind in the world, founded over 45 years ago and maintaining its prestigious reputation ever since. Some unique benefits of the MOD program at BGSU are as follows:

  • Hybrid in-person and online course delivery
  • Residency weekends (2 weekends/semester)
  • Cohort-based model, encouraging extensive networking and collaboration
  • International study abroad trip
  • Studies applicable to both profit and
    nonprofit organizations within a variety of industries

  • AACSB accredited  

BGSU's Doctorate in Organization Development & Change is a 3-year professional degree that is designed for working professionals looking to advance their academic and professional goals. This degree is tailored towards three professional populations: executives, consultants, and educators. Some unique benefits of the DODC program at BGSU are as follows:

  • Flexible class design
  • A scholar-practitioner model which incorporates theory and best practices
  • Small class sizes that provide more interaction between cohort members as well as faculty
  • Fosters a business orientation which applies to profit and nonprofit firms within a variety of industries
  • Fully supportive faculty and staff focused on student success
  • AACSB accredited 

Updated: 03/31/2022 04:40PM