Business Program Choices

From day one, we put students on the fast track to success in the global marketplace. Our emphasis is on “applied” learning, where students learn from hands-on, interactive teaching. This experiential learning allows students to “experience” and learn how real businesses operate.

Students interested in a business career can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and then choose from a diversity of specializations. At BGSU, we offer one of the largest numbers of specializations of many other business colleges.

Another degree option is a Bachelor of Science in Economics, earned in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences. Students have general education requirements, along with such courses as mathematics and statistics, a core of economics courses and a cognate concentration.

Along with the business degree, students also choose from an outstanding selection of minors.

Thinking about starting up a business someday? Students can explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur through the Entrepreneurship Academic Programs or be a participant in the Falcon Hatchery program or in "The Hatch" event. We are one of the few business colleges in the U.S. to fund student start-ups through "The Hatch."

Updated: 10/25/2022 11:41AM