GMAT Resources

The GMAT exam is an important part of the application process for the BGSU MBA program. Below you will find information about the GMAT exam, tips from alumni and additional links that may be helpful when scheduling, preparing and taking the exam.

*Please note the GRE exam will also be accepted.

GMAT Exam Format & Timing

There are four parts to the GMAT exam and on average will take 3 hours and 30 minutes. The 4 sections are an Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning. The Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning section are 30 minutes a piece while the Quantitative and Verbal section are 75 minutes a piece. When scheduling the exam you can choose the order of the sections listed above based on your strengths and testing preferences.

Free GMAT Prep Software

The GMAT Exam offers free GMAT Prep Software includes real GMAT questions (retired) and two full-length practice tests that use the same computer-adaptive algorithm to score the exam.  For a small fee, addition exams and diagnostic information can be added to GMAT Prep using the Exam Pack options. In the additional links section below, a direct link is provided to access the Free GMAT Prep Software.

Test Day Tips

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled exam time
  • Bring GMAT approved identification
  • Bring list of Colleges you would like scores sent too
  • Leave personal items at home 

Tips from Alumni

  • Simulate the test environment
  • Utilize free prep software to prepare
  • Take the break provided during the exam and bring a snack with you
  • Schedule test early so if you would like to retake the exam you have time

Additional Links

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