Executive MOD Fees


Tuition for the EMOD program is subject to change relative to changes in the University's fees and associated costs. The Executive MOD program has a convenient all-inclusive program fee which includes tuition, general fees, e-books, supplies, and other incidentals.

For students beginning in the Fall 2022 cohort per course fees are approximately $3,975 per course. These fees cover tuition and general fees as well as e-books, required course material, meals during Executive Residency Weekends, and more. Out-of-state tuition fees are waived for this program. A total program cost estimate for students beginning in Fall 2022 and graduating in Spring 2024 is about $39,571, spread out over five semesters.

Students needing local accommodations make their own lodging arrangements at area local hotels, many of which offer reduced rates for EMOD students.

Tuition Deferral

BGSU offers a tuition deferral program for individuals whose employer offers a tuition reimbursement program. Qualifying students’ bills are deferred until 30 days after the end of each term enabling students to submit their grades to the employer for payment of tuition. A fee of $75 is charged for the deferral.

Student Loans

EMOD students may qualify for the standard federal student loan program. Students should contact the BGSU Financial Aid Office directly with questions or for application information.

Updated: 10/20/2023 01:09PM