What Do Our Graduates Have to Say?

"The training I received from the ASOR department has proved to be invaluable. The professors are committed to providing a well-rounded statistical education for their students. In addition to their ability to lay out difficult statistical theory in a clear manner, they also provide learning experiences through real-life data. It is this intricate coupling of theory and practice that enables their students to thrive beyond the classroom."

Erin Leatherman (MSAS 2008)

"The MSAS program at BGSU did a fantastic job of preparing me to serve as an internal consultant at Eastman Chemical Company. The rigorous courses in experimental design and analysis proved to be especially useful in industry as that represents a key component of what I do every day – the other courses I took have given me unique skills that enable me to give insight to unusual problems here. The program also afforded me opportunities to foster my consulting and teaching skills which I use while interacting with clients on a daily basis. The faculty were eager to help me learn and even took an active role in helping me prepare for my job interview. I absolutely would recommend BGSU for anyone looking to get a degree in Applied Statistics."

Mark Ewing, MSAS 2010

"I think of my two years with the MSAS program the best two years of my life - I met wonderful professors and mentors, learned practical statistical knowledge, and developed invaluable relationships, both professionally and personally. Without the motivation and support I got from everyone in the program – faculty, staff and students, I would not have become an industrial statistician, and I would not be working in my dream job today."

Ling Deng, MSAS 2009

"I greatly value all the knowledge and experience I received while earning my Master's degree in the ASOR department at BGSU. I enjoyed the program's diverse set of classes that build on and compliment each other. The students in the program take most of the same classes, so we were able to bond into an ASOR family. Also, the faculty are always willing to personally help students. I received a job offer just a few weeks after graduation and feel that the program has prepared me to start my statistical career."

Amy Peplinski, MSAS 2011