International Business students earn Embracing Global Engagement award

by Shay Carroll

A team of four International Business students is among the winners of BGSU’s Embracing Global Engagement award. 

Alexis Allen, Summer McVicker, Cheyenne Culbertson and Garrett Frye discussed their summer abroad experience in Xi’an, China.

The students’ presentation followed the summer trip which was part of their BA 4390 course (Business in China). This summer education program is offered each year for BGSU business students, providing an opportunity to learn more about business and culture while earning college credit. 

ManZhang2Thirty-six teams, representing nearly 50 students, presented at the Embracing Global Engagement Conference on October 17; the College of Business team is among the top four winning presentations. Dr. Man Zhang and her students began to work on their presentation for the ceremony while they were still in China over the summer.

During the ceremony, students had 40-60 minutes to share presentations about themselves, their trip and what they learned while abroad. The College of Business students’ presentation focused on the adverse effects pollution has on Chinese people, and the team developed a business proposal and strategy to market an eco-friendly pollution mask.

While earning the award is impressive recognition of the students’ work and education, Dr. Zhang said she is also grateful for the attention it gives education abroad experiences. “We’ve already begun to recruit even more students for next year,” she said. “In addition to learning how business works in a foreign country, this program really allows students to step out of their own comfort zone and see how people lead their lives differently.”

But this is not all the program teaches – in order to learn how to communicate effectively, students also need to obtain a new set of problem solving skills. “Study abroad is a test of your own limit,” Dr. Zhang explained. “You begin to know how adaptable you are and how you can handle new challenges, and it helps students with becoming prepared for their futures.”


Updated: 12/20/2017 10:41AM