Megan Rancier


Position: Lecturer (ethnomusicology)
Phone: 419-372-1030
Address: 2144 Moore Musical Arts Center

Megan Rancier joined the CMA faculty at BGSU in 2011, after receiving her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009. Her research focuses on Central Asia (specifically Kazakhstan) and the intersections between musical instruments, traditional and popular music, and national identity narratives. As part of her ethnographic fieldwork, she lived in Almaty, Kazakhstan for 18 months, supported by Fulbright IIE and Title VIII fellowships. Her work has been published in Popular Music and SocietyThe Yearbook for Traditional Music, and Ethnomusicology. She has performed as a violinist in European and Arab classical ensembles, as well as Albanian and American old-time groups, and as a vocalist in the UCLA Bulgarian choir "Superdevoiche." At BGSU, Dr. Rancier has taught undergraduate courses on Music of World Cultures, Music Cultures of Central Asia, Music Cultures of Indonesia, Music and Protest, and Masterpieces of Music.