Large and Small Ensemble Information

Large Ensemble Scheduling Process and Space Reservations

The concert calendar is developed through the Public Events Office beginning with contracted events such as Festival Series, New Music Festival and Hansen Series. Commitments are usually confirmed by February 1. During the month of February, a Large Ensemble Directors Scheduling Meeting is held.

PLEASE NOTE: All directors should plan to have the necessary conversations with other directors PRIOR to this meeting so we are ready to schedule.

Specific dates will be discussed and arranged with the Director of Public Events. The Scheduling Manager will assign, if possible, dress rehearsals—one dress rehearsal is scheduled for each event. Alternate dress rehearsal plans must be approved by the Scheduling Manager. Directors should remember that “in time” indicates when the setup crew should arrive and not when rehearsal begins and that “out time” must include strike and clean-up.

According to college policy, events are not be scheduled during the last week of classes and exam week without permission from the Office of the Dean.

Large ensembles will use rehearsal rooms as their warm-up rooms on the day of performance, if available. The Kennedy Green Room is available for director’s use.


All ensembles must supply their own set-up and strike crew for rehearsals and performance(s).


Ensembles performing in Kobacker Hall are supplied ushers via the 099 freshman requirement. Ushers are to arrive one hour before the event for instruction by the house manager. Ushers should dress in white shirts and black or dark slacks/skirts. Reserved seating ticketed events require 14 ushers, and free and/or general admission events require four. Ushers must work the entire concert and follow instructions from the House Manager.


Programs for Large Ensembles are done on the newly designed Program Portal. Specific layouts are assigned to your ensemble. Programs need to be completed in the program portal no later than 4 business days from delivery date. (If the concert is on a Saturday, then delivery date is Friday at noon. That means the completed program in the program portal is sent to Stampers no later than that previous Monday by noon.)

The number of programs printed for each event is determined by average attendance from the previous year. Leftover programs can be used for ensemble performers or the pdf can be copied.

Programs for Kobacker Hall events will be delivered to the House Manager closet.


All large ensemble concerts performed in the Moore Musical Arts Center will be automatically recorded. A complimentary CD will be given to the director of the large ensemble and group orders may be placed for students.

Box Office

Concert Day

The house will open 30 minutes prior to curtain time. Performers must clear the stage by this time.

The House Manager is in communication with the box office and will close the house when the lobby is clear.

It is our policy to begin events on time, but delays may occur. The House Manager will notify the Stage Manager when the house is closed.

The concert calendar is developed through the Public Events Office beginning with contracted events, then Large Ensemble dates. Small Ensemble dates are scheduled with the Chair of the Music Performance Studies in consultation with the Director of Public Events. Small Ensemble scheduling typically takes place in early Spring.


Programs for Small Ensembles are the responsibility of the director. Programs can be done on our Program Portal. Small Ensemble programs are typically copied, not sent to the printer.


Small ensembles are not automatically recorded. For a performance to be recorded, a Recording Services Order Form must be submitted at least two weeks before the event. If a recording request is received less than two weeks in advance there is no guarantee that the event will be recorded. The charge for digital recording is $45 for one CD copy, with an additional $35 charge for one DVD. Additional CDs may be ordered at Recording Services for $14 each; additional DVDs are available at $20 each.

Audio support (tape playback, microphones, etc.) requires two weeks advanced notice and may be subject to additional charges.

Special arrangements must be made for video recording. See Director or Manager of Recording Services at (419) 372-8405.