Tour and Student Travel Guidelines

STEP 1             Submit the Travel Registration Form
Preferably prior to the beginning of the semester, or at latest 3 weeks before trip Personnel list will be required at this step
STEP 2 Email Norine McElroy to notify her once the form is submitted Notify Norine Immediately after submitting Travel Registration Form Norine will download submitted form, and obtain Department Chair and Dean Approvals
STEP 3 Liability & Release Waiver Forms
1 week before trip
All students must complete this waiver before going on trip

1. A Travel Registration Form is required for ALL CMA Affiliated travel, with the exception of Manor House, Ear/Eye, Toledo Museum of Arts, Simpson Garden Park Lunch Concerts, Field Experience Observations, Student Teaching, and DSO mentor program.

2. The Travel Registration Form requires approval from the Dean and Department Chair. When possible, requests should be submitted prior to the beginning of a semester. In all cases, they should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event. In the event that details of the itinerary are unknown at the time of the original request, these must be supplied prior to departure.

3. Faculty will be notified via email of all upcoming CMA Affiliated travel. This will be done preferably 1 week before the trip, or once step 1 and 2 are completed. The email will include a copy of the submitted Travel Registry Form.

4. No tours or field trips are to be scheduled during exam week or during the last five class days of any semester.

5. Days missed by any individuals or groups should not exceed a total of seven days (four class days and three non-class days) during any semester (not including the period between semesters). This does not include dates during University recesses. Any exception must receive approval by the Dean.

6. Officially sanctioned tours and field trips are to be announced to students well in advance and are to be considered part of regular requirements of the ensemble or course, except that students shall have the right to be excused from appearances in religious institutions or other locations where their personal beliefs may be violated, and student participation during University recesses shall be voluntary. Any request for an excused absence must be submitted well in advance.

7. Prior to a tour or field trip, students are to be reminded that it is their responsibility to make up work in all classes missed during absence. Students should confer in advance of the tour with all instructors whose classes will be missed (see BGSU Academic Charter B-I F. 3 & 4. "Class Attendance" and “Exceptions to Class Attendance Policy”) This tour should also conform to the BGSU Code of Student Conduct from Student Handbook  

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