Master’s, Doctoral and Certificate Program Applications

Applicants must have graduated with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university or complete the degree prior to enrollment. Students are advised to apply at least six months in advance for admission. International students should allow more time for the application process. All credentials submitted to BGSU become the property of BGSU and will not be released. The application for admission to the Graduate College should be submitted along with:

• $45 nonrefundable application fee for domestic applicants; $75 for international applicants. The application fee is automatically waived for McNair Scholars, U.S. Military Veterans, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and K-12 public school teachers currently employed in the U.S.

• Scanned copies of official or unofficial transcripts from all institutions attended. Upon admission, final official or notarized copies of transcripts from all institutions where degrees were earned (showing dates when the degrees were conferred) and diplomas from international institutions must be submitted.  Note:  For current or previous BGSU students, you do not need to request a BGSU transcript, it will be obtained for you. 

• Standardized test scores (GRE, GMAT, PRAXIS, OAE) may be required. Please visit the program website for additional information. 

• Programs may also require recommendations, a statement of purpose, a resume, and other documents. Please visit the program website for additional information. 

• International applicants are required to submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTEA). Successful completion of ELS 112 will also be accepted for this requirement.  Additionally, Duolingo test scores will be accepted for applications through Fall 2021. Please see exceptions below.*

• If you plan to apply to more than one program, you must submit a separate application and application fee for each. 

Official transcripts and test scores are to be sent to:

Graduate Admissions
200 University Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Electronic transfer:
Important Graduate Admission Deadlines

Graduate Non-Degree-seeking student

A Graduate Non-Degree student is defined as a student who has earned a 4-year degree and who wishes to enroll in graduate or undergraduate-level courses without pursuing another degree. There is no application fee. The student is not limited to the number of credit hours taken at BGSU; however, only 9 graduate credit hours will transfer to a graduate degree program. 

When submitting a Graduate Non-Degree application, please allow 4 business days for processing. Confirmation will be sent to your email address once the application has been processed. Applicants who have indicated a felony conviction will be notified within 1 business day of any additional information that may be required. Apply Here to be a Graduate Non-Degree Seeking student.

For information on the GRE/GMAT/PRAXIS/TOEFL tests, visit the Educational Testing Service website. The Graduate College does not require specific minimum Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for acceptance into graduate programs. However, individual programs that require the GRE often set their own minimum scores. Graduate programs that require the GRE utilize the test results as one indicator of the potential for success in graduate studies. Graduate program applicants should therefore approach the prospect of taking the GRE seriously, knowing that their scores will be considered for admission. In order to send test scores directly to BGSU, please use the following code: 1069.

If you are currently a BGSU undergraduate student and are interested in the Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program, click here for additional information or to apply.

International applicants: Upon admission to the university you will receive further enrollment information from International Student Services.

Note: All of the credentials listed above must be official documents in the English language. Official documents are either the original documents, notarized copies, or official English translations with the official seal or stamp of the notary or the English translator on each document. Photocopies or documents “Issued to Student” are not acceptable.

*Applicants to the Graduate College who have completed a previous degree (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate) from a U.S. college/university or are from a country (see list below) in which instruction was delivered in English (and attended the university for at least two years) are exempt from providing TOEFL/IELTS test scores.

To find out what financial aid might be available to you, contact the Student Financial Aid Office. Many graduate programs offer competitive graduate assistantships which fall into three categories of professional duties: research, teaching, or administrative. These competitive awards typically provide compensation in the form of a full or partial tuition scholarship in addition to a monthly stipend for up to 20 hours of work per week. Students should inquire with their academic programs to investigate the graduate assistant policies and the process of application with their individual program. However, other available assistantships are often posted at the following link: Current Graduate Assistantship Positions Available.

What is a graduate assistantship?

Graduate assistantships provide students with valuable professional experience that is related to their academic field, giving the student both applied experience and financial support. While the assistantship is a vital experience to many students’ academic careers, the duties associated with the assistantship should not interfere unduly with the student’s academic studies. Rather, it should complement and enhance the students' intellectual growth and professional goals. Graduate assistantships are considered a form of financial support to assist students complete graduate school, and therefore may come in the form of both tuition scholarship and/or stipend.

A graduate student may receive full or partial tuition scholarship, which is applied toward the cost of tuition. Scholarship funds cannot be utilized toward other extra fees associated with attending the university or participating in campus program events. A student who receives a tuition scholarship only (no stipend) does not have a service/work commitment to the university.

A stipend is a fixed sum of money that is calculated on the number of hours worked per week. (The majority of graduate assistants with stipends work either 10 or 20 hours per week.) It is paid on a biweekly basis and is subject to applicable state, federal and local taxes. Stipend amounts vary by discipline and program, as well as by type of assistantship. As a result, prospective students should check with their program of interest for their stipend formulas.

Total hours worked per week during any time of the year, whether or not school is in session, may NOT exceed 28 hours per week (for ALL jobs combined).

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Total hours worked per week may NOT exceed 20 hours when classes are in session; (i.e., during fall and spring) semesters. During designated periods – such as between fall and spring semesters and during summer sessions, students may NOT exceed 28 hours per week (for ALL jobs combined).

For student employment purposes, the work week is defined as 12:01 a.m. Sunday to 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

What is the time commitment of a graduate assistant?

A full-time assistantship appointment is for a maximum of 50% time (approximately 20 hours of work per week); however, some students are awarded half-time assistantship appointments or 25% time (approximately 10 hours of work per week). Some departments vary their assistantship hours based on the full-time stipend formula. The remainder of a student's time should be spent in making progress toward degree completion. Note: international students may not work more than 20 hours per week.

Who is eligible for an assistantship?

University-funded assistantships may be awarded, competitively, to those students who have been admitted to a graduate program and who are academically eligible. In order to maintain eligibility for a graduate assistantship, a student must be currently enrolled in classes in a specific degree program. Interested students must inquire with their program of interest and complete that program’s necessary application materials.

What types of graduate assistantships are there?

GA Appointment Descriptions

International Teaching Assistant/Associate Language Policy

For more information regarding this policy, please visit the ESOL Program website.

Graduate programs with graduate assistantships available:

Go to the Graduate Degree Programs page and click on the program name to investigate as to whether they offer graduate assistantships. For each program, contact that program’s graduate coordinator to discuss the availability of graduate assistantships and their application process.

Background Checks:

Every prospective graduate assistant (AA, RA,TA or TI) must first have a background check completed prior to finalizing a graduate assistant contract. Click here for Background Check information.

More information about Graduate Assistantships

To view assistantship information specific to your degree follow these links: 

Master of Music  Doctor of Musical Arts

Distinguished Dissertation Award- Submission deadline April 19, 2024

The Distinguished Dissertation Award is granted annually as a way of recognizing and promoting excellence in research and dissertation advising. The Graduate College Distinguished Dissertation Award consists of a student honorarium of $500, a certificate of citation, and a $200 award of recognition for the dissertation advisor. In addition, the recipient of the Graduate College Distinguished Dissertation Award automatically becomes the subsequent Graduate College nominee for the Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award sponsored annually by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) when the awardee’s disciplinary field corresponds to the field of competition for the CGS Dissertation Award. Please click on the title to see the full description, nomination process and selection criteria of the award.

Distinguished Studio Arts Award- Submission deadline November 11, 2022

The Graduate College seeks to honor outstanding studio arts projects at the master’s level at Bowling Green State University. The Distinguished Studio Arts Award is granted annually as a way of recognizing and promoting excellence in studio-oriented creative projects and project advising. Nominations will be accepted from the following specializations:

School of Art--Master of Fine Arts

College of Musical Arts--Master of Music in Composition, Master of Music in Performance

Department of Theater and Film--Master of Arts in Theater

Distinguished Thesis Award- Submission deadline October 13, 2023

The Distinguished Thesis Award is granted annually as a way of recognizing and promoting excellence in research and thesis advising.  The award consists of a student honorarium of $500, a certificate of citation, and a $100 award of recognition for the thesis advisor.  In addition, the annual recipient of the Graduate College Distinguished Thesis Award is eligible to become the subsequent Graduate College nominee for the Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award (in their category) sponsored annually by Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS).  Since the intent of the competition is to recognize distinguished scholarship by students who are pursuing their first graduate research degree, individuals who have received a Ph.D. (or comparable research degree) in any discipline prior to the writing of the master's thesis are not eligible.  However, recipients of a first professional degree awarded prior to the writing of the thesis may be nominated. Note that original works accepted "in lieu of thesis" (such as musical compositions, published books, works of art, computer software, etc.) may not be nominated for this particular award. Please click on the title to see the description, nomination process and selection criteria of the award.

Graduate Student Teaching Award- Submission deadline November 17, 2023

Each academic year, the Graduate College gives out an award that recognizes the best Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Teaching Associates (TIs).  The awards, sponsored by the Graduate College, are designed to encourage and reward excellence in undergraduate instruction.  Recognizing the role of Graduate Assistants (GAs) as valued teaching colleagues is an important part of building our university community. In addition, the master's and doctoral recipients of the TI awards are eligible to the Graduate College nominees for the Excellence in Teaching Awards sponsored by the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools. Please click on the title to see the description, nomination process, and selection criteria for this award.

Katzner Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Award- Fall submission deadline October 1, 2023

In early 1998, after 13 years as Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate College, Dr. Louis Katzner decided to return to what attracted him to higher education in the first place – the study and teaching of philosophy. One of his top priorities during his tenure as the Graduate Dean was to increase the support available to graduate students for conducting research and for professional development.  We are most grateful to Dr. Louis Katzner, Trustee Professor of Philosophy, for creating this opportunity to invest in the education of our graduate students.

The Katzner Award can be used to supplement the cost of graduate student research and professional development activities for graduate students at Bowling Green State University.  Each semester, three awards will be granted ($1000, $750, and $500).

Outstanding ITA Award

The English for Speakers of Other Languages Program is delighted to announce its inaugural Outstanding ITA Award. The purpose of this award is to honor one graduate International Teaching Associate or Assistant (ITA) at Bowling Green State University each year who has demonstrated excellence in instructional capacities.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program

The Coverdell Peace Corps Programs at BGSU provide returned Peace Corps Volunteers with the opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge acquired during service while continuing to help underprivileged communities right here in the United States. We welcome returned Peace Corps Volunteers to our campus to bring their service home through any graduate degree program designed to build upon their service and to meaningfully apply those skills.

Three Minute Thesis Competition

The Three Minute Thesis competition celebrates the exciting research conducted by Master's and Doctoral students. Developed by The University of Queensland, the exercise cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. The competition supports their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.  Please click on the title to learn more about the competition, including eligibility, rules, and how to register.

Winifred O. Stone Graduate Student Award

This fund was established to honor the life of Dr. Winifred O. Stone, associate professor emeritus of ethnic studies and former associate dean of the Graduate College at Bowling Green State University.  Dr. Stone’s outstanding tenure at Bowling Green State University established him as an academic visionary, humanitarian and dedicated university citizen committed to attaining excellence and equity in graduate education.  This fund recognizes Dr. Stone’s successes and all the lives he touched over a quarter of a century.  Dr. Stone united many people in the pursuit of intellectual growth and excellence at BGSU.

An important aspect of your decision to seek an advanced degree is financing your education. The following information outlines the different types of assistance available for students pursuing graduate study at Bowling Green State University. Information contained here is accurate as of the date of publication but is subject to change without advance notice. Contact the specific office for the most current information.

Applying for Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to calculate your student (and spouse’s, if applicable) contribution and determine your financial need. You should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 of each academic year in which you wish to receive federal financial aid. If you are attending summer semester, you must also complete a summer application.

Dependent/Independent Status

Graduate students are considered independent for financial aid purposes.

Verification of Information

Your application may be selected for verification, at which time you will be asked to provide Student Financial Aid (SFA) with copies of your federal income tax return and other supporting documentation. Do not send copies of your tax return or other documents to SFA unless requested. Complete the FAFSA at

Award Eligibility

SFA begins notifying applicants of financial aid eligibility in April for summer, fall, and spring semesters. Individual financial aid information can be viewed at

Please note: Eligibility for federal financial aid may be affected by students who are recipients of a graduate scholarship. If you have a graduate scholarship from a source other than BGSU, please inform SFA in writing. Your award eligibility may be revised and funds already disbursed to your bursar account may need to be returned.

Determining Financial Need

The cost of attendance is used to determine eligibility for financial aid. A standard budget includes direct educational costs plus an allowance for personal expenses. For the most current figures, please visit the following link:

Individual student budgets are adjusted based on enrollment status. Costs are subject to increase based on the cost of living and fee increases as approved by the Board of Trustees.

For Additional Information

For more information on any of the aid described here (including current interest rates), contact:

Student Financial Aid
227 Bowen-Thompson Student Union, BGSU
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Phone: (419) 372-2651 FAX: (419) 372-0404

Student Employment Services
225 Bowen-Thompon Student Union, BGSU
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Phone: (419) 372-2865 FAX: (419) 372-0357

Graduate College
110 McFall Center, BGSU
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Phone: (419) 372-2791 FAX: (419) 372-8569

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