DODC Application: Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose is to be approximately 1,000-1500 (max 2000) words addressing the questions below. Format it as a mini-paper with a cover page and references as appropriate. Provide an introductory paragraph, then state each question header (Purpose & Goals - Learning Experience - Topic) with your response, and end with a concluding paragraph.

  1. Purpose & Goals
    • What is your purpose or calling as it relates to your professional pursuits? Why do your purpose and pursuits matter to you? What are your professional long- and short-term goals? How do you see this degree helping you achieve your purpose and goals?
  2. Learning Experience
    • You will be joining a learning community with other students in a cohort.  Share one strength you will bring to the learning experience. Share one area where you desire to develop and grow from the learning experience? Elaborate and give examples.
  3. Topic    
    • Describe a particular organization or community project as a topic (a project as a problem or opportunity) you plan to address “real time,” while you are in the program? Eventually, this topic is intended to grow into your dissertation. The topic you write about can change once you start the program. In your response, use the following prompts as guidance and ideas to help you frame your answer.
  4. Project      
    • Title
  5. Context     
    • What is the situation and why is it important to address? Describe the context for the topic in terms of the setting, presenting issue, and underlying needs. 
  6. Assessment     
    • How can you better understand the factors or variables in the situation as a problem and/or opportunity? What might the root causes or influences be?
  7. Purpose& Outcomes/Impact
    • What is the purpose for the project? What specific outcomes or impact do you want to see from the project’s completion?
  8. Stakeholders     
    • Describe the leaders and other key stakeholders that will be involved, along with their role in the project. You can think of it in terms of those who will be responsible, accountable, consulted with, and informed.
  9. Connection     
    • Describe how this project topic relates your professional purpose and goals mentioned in the first question above.

Below is an example outline to format your paper:

Page 1

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Doctorate in Organization Development & Change
  • Application
  • Applicant’s Name
  • Date

PAGE 2 & On

  • Introduction
  • Purpose & Goals
  • Learning Experience
  • Topic
  • Conclusion
  • References

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