This information will help you make the most of your internship, guiding you through each phase, pre-, during, and post-internship.  Click the tabs below...

  1. Register. You have 2 options you can use to register! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  2. Employer 101. Learn all you can about the company/organization you will be working for.
  3. Job details. Do you have ALL the details about your internship? Get these key facts, in writing:
    1. Weekly schedule, when exactly are you expected to work?
    2. Office location (address, building, room #, etc.)
    3. Office culture and appropriate attire
    4. Compensation (rate, paid weekly? Bi-weekly?, etc.)
    5. Parking (location, pass, codes, etc.)
    6. Lunch, when, how long, etc.
    7. Dress code.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE
    8. 1st day paperwork, coordinate with HR on what you need to complete
  4. Google & Link yourself. As your network grows, those you meet will “investigate” you online.  Be sure your LinkedIn profile is stellar and your online persona is respectable.
  5. Know your surroundings. Learn about the city/area you will be living, explore and experience life!
  6. Budget. Create a weekly/monthly budget of your expenses to live on. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
  1. Never say NO to opportunity. Help coworkers and experience new tasks, be willing to learn and grow.
  2. Build your Network. Be friendly/outgoing, meet and impress others with your work, create future resources.
    1. Afterhours. If invited to join a group after work, go. Be friendly and professional in this setting. Learning about others while outside the office increases your networking significantly.
    2. Be outgoing. Introduce yourself to others, learn as much as you can from your peers. Co-workers love to share their knowledge
  3. Shadow.  Take an hour to job-shadow someone else in their job, even in a completely different department, exposing you to new perspectives potentially changing your career path for the better.
  4. Multitalented. Show others your many talents. (Writing, presenting, technology, business, etc.) The more talents/skills you have, the more of an asset you become.
  5. Assignments. If you are earning credit for this internship, be sure to complete all assignments, registrations, and evaluations.
  1. Thank you. Take time to thank those you are learning from, the benefits of this are exponential.
  2. Keep in touch. Every so often, send a hello or interact via LinkedIn.
  3. HR. Send a special thank you to HR, specifically stating you are interested in future employment.

Updated: 09/01/2022 11:32AM