New BizX program to launch spring semester


The BGSU BizX program has been restructured to better prepare students for their professional career. Now taken as one-time, three credit hour course, students will maximize their learning experience by applying new business skills to help on-campus clients achieve real, implemented solutions.

Business students tested the new model and began working with several on-campus clients, including BGSU Dining Services, University Libraries and the Student Recreation Center. Students used business knowledge and skills to identify improved services opportunities and implement real solutions. 

Ruth White, lecturer with the College of Business, said restructuring the BizX program offers new opportunities for students.  

"The interaction with campus clients will help the students develop needed soft skills in business when working with outside clients," said White.

Clients have been eager to partner with BizX students. 

"Working with the BizX students gave us access to data from a student's perspective," said Kari Johnson, manager of administrative programs with University Libraries. "The BizX students were able to identify and define true problems that exist and find reasonable solutions that solve student need."

Clients call the restructured program a win-win. 

“Giving real world challenges to students helped them work out how business really functions, as well as give us a fresh perspective on systemic issues,” said Jon Zachrich with BGSU Dining.

The newly structured BizX course will be offered starting in Spring 2019.

Updated: 10/02/2018 09:22AM