Marketing Student Interned in Spain; Helped Develop Marketing Proposal for Nike

Marisa Abbott is a senior marketing student whose internship took her to Madrid, Spain, for the summer and her role involved developing a proposal for sports and fitness giant Nike. Abbott participated in BGSU’s Global Internship Program which matches students with global corporations or international organizations.

The following is Abbott’s internship experience at CSM Sport and Entertainment Agency in Spain.

Written by Marisa Abbott

MarisaAbbottInternshipinSpainI loved Spain! This was my first time traveling to Europe, and I was in awe at how beautiful Spain is. Every time I think I've seen the most amazing view, or building, or town, I am surprised another day. 

My first week here, I endured some culture shock especially with the language barrier. But I started learning and understanding the cultural differences, like what is the "norm” and what is not. That is what is so cool about living in a foreign atmosphere, understanding that the world is so much bigger than you think, and there are different ways to do things and that is the beauty of it. 

I started my internship in Madrid at CSM Sport and Entertainment Agency which is a global consulting firm. When I first started, I was put on a project with the other American intern on researching new, "up and coming" fitness regimens that could shake up the market and allow the clothing brand, Nike, to propose a deal with. Reebok (who is owned by Adidas) has exclusive licensing rights to CrossFit's trademark, which has led Reebok to many consecutive quarters of growth. So my team at CSM in Spain has some connections with members on the board for Nike, so they would like to present an idea to them for pursuing a business venture with a trendy fitness methodology. 

The fitness culture has become a phenomenon, not only in the U.S., but globally as well. The market is expanding rapidly with a desire for fresh style, community, and variation in exercise. So I conducted research on the most popular workouts that are expected to have continuous growth in years to come. Once we compiled all of our research, we chose the top two methodologies that could be a possibility for Nike's investment. Then we mapped out a marketing execution plan for Nike.

I have really enjoyed my global internship experience here in Madrid. Taking an internship outside of the U.S. teaches you more than just the basic purpose of the job, but also how the work environment within that culture functions. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world, and I encourage anyone who has thought about studying or interning abroad, to DO IT! I am sad to end my internship in Spain; I could easily stay longer. You will grow as a person--mentally and professionally. So don't hold back because the world is yours to explore!

Updated: 08/21/2018 02:47PM