Largest freshman class brings high-achieving students

This fall the College of Business welcomes the largest freshman class in more than 15 years, a 12 percent increase from the high enrollment level last year. The college is excited to help these 542 new students experience a quality education and offer them remarkable opportunities they won’t find at other universities.

Susan Kosakowski, recruiting manager for the College of Business, said, “This largest incoming freshman class in over 15 years already has a wide variety of experiences. On average, each student brings over eight years of extra-curricular high school activities, indicating a very active and engaged body of freshmen. The college is looking forward to a high level of co-curricular and academic commitment from this group!”

This freshman class comes from 13 different states and five different countries; one of these is China, where more than a dozen students have come from Tianjin Polytechnic University (TPU). The College of Business and TPU established a partnership which includes a 3 + 1 educational program with an exchange of faculty members and cohorts of students completing their dual undergraduate business degree. This is the first of several cohorts to attend BGSU.

With this large incoming freshman class, along with a high retention rate between spring and fall, the College of Business expects nearly 2,100 students for fall semester.

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:59PM