Speeding ahead on job interviewing skills

Overall, 186 students enrolled in the Marketing 2010 (Introduction to Marketing) course took part in the Speed Interview event. Students pitched their skills to 29 employers from 25 different companies as part of the Career Marketing Plan project that ends each semester with a session of Speed Interviews. This “speed” approach allows students to give a brief “elevator pitch” to business professionals from area companies. These professionals listen to the students’ two-minute pitch and then give feedback on how well the students presented.  After five minutes a bell rings, and the students move to another professional, improving their “sales pitch” each time.

The top three winners for spring semester were Mathew Eppley, Baylee Bowers and Chase Miller.

Speed Interview Winners.Spring17

A big thank you to the employers who took part in this semester’s Speed Interview event!

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:59PM