College of Business Administration awards summer research grants to eight faculty

The College of Business awards grants to support faculty research. We are pleased to announce the projects which have been supported in order to positively impact the College and the fields of study.

Research Awards supported by the College of Business Administration:

Principle Investigator


Sung Bae

Do more corporate social investments lower financial costs? Evidence of non-linearity effect on US bank loans

Ibrahim Capar

Online patrol routing

Liuling Liu

Do Social networks encourage risk taking? Evidence from bank CEOs

Arkajyoti Roy

Robustness in cancer treatments guided by cell oxygenation

William Sawaya

Impact of information sharing in a supply network with heterogeneous and stochastic demand and transportation times

Sherry Sullivan

Enablers and constraints on the re-employment of a displaced blue-collar worker

Fei Weisstein

When neutral is not neutral: Effects of neutral online reviews on consumers’ purchase decision making

Research Awards supported by the Supply Chain Management Institute:

Principle Investigator


Hokey Min

Supply chain planning for preventing avian flu epidemics in the agricultural sector: A Korean case

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:59PM