Understanding between SVPAA Provost and BGSU-FA President

We jointly commit to greater efforts by both Parties to enhance communication and transparency moving forward. More specifically, the Administration agrees to provide reasonable advanced notice and to consult with the BGSU-F A regarding plans to reduce in aggregate the number of NTTF in the bargaining unit for reasons of either demand (enrollment) or budget, prior to taking such actions. The purpose of such conversations should be: (I) to provide and share such information, data, documents, and/or reasons to require such personnel reductions; (2) to give both parties the opportunity to evaluate and discuss whether or not attrition (defined as personnel reductions due to retirements. resignations, deaths. or non- reappointment for performance reasons) would be sufficient to address these anticipated demand or budget problems: and (3)_to work together to address and resolve seniority detenninations. Both Parties agree that the signing of this statement does not in any way alter the rights of either Party that were negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement.