Merit Practices for New Faculty

Beginning this academic year, the merit review process will begin in the fall semester (Article 14, Section 10; Article 17, Section 11.1.3). The following merit practice recommendations for new faculty proposed by the Joint Common Review Process Committee have been endorsed by the Provost and President of the BGSU-FA:

  • Materials for common review are due by August 31 for all faculty. Faculty will follow unit merit
    documents regarding submission of documents.
  • Faculty in their first year of employment who will not yet hove a full set of materials should submit (1) o CV (ideally in the BGSU format; must be in the BGSU format by Year 2); (2) syllabi for all fall semester courses that meet provost's syllabus guidelines, and (3) the departmental merit form as completed as fully as possible.
  • New faculty are eligible for merit raises (that will go into effect the following academic year). These
    faculty were hired in competitive searches and should be presumed to succeed in their first year. This will signal to junior faculty that they ore valued.
  • Raises should be at least at the "meets expectations" level. The unit can recommend the department average for new faculty if that is higher than the "meets expectations" level
  • The rolling average for new faculty shall begin in Year 2. In other words, the  presumption of merit for the first year does not roll into Years 2, 3, and 4.

Please share with members of your academic unit and review with your academic unit's merit committee.