Regarding RTP Policies and Promotion to Full Professor

WHEREAS, the Bowling Green State University (the "University") and the Bowling Green State University Faculty Association-American Association of University Professors ("BGSU-FA") (the University and the BGSU-FA are collectively referred to herein as the "Parties") have entered into a Collective Bargaining Agreement ("CBA") effective May 1, 2013, and are in the process of negotiating a successor agreement;

WHEREAS, the University is requiring all departments/schools to submit new Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion ("RTP") policies to the Provost;

WHEREAS, the CBA does not directly address whether a department/school's new RTP policy being submitted to the Provost (''New RTP Policy") or the RTP policy currently in place ("Old RTP Policy") would apply to bargaining unit faculty members applying for promotion from associate professor to full professor;

WHEREAS, the Parties agree that promotion from all other ranks is governed by the CBA;

WHEREAS, the Parties have resolved their dispute regarding RTP policies as applies to promotion from association to full professor as set forth herein;

NOW, THEREFORE, the University and the BGSU-FA agree as follows:

  1. Bargaining unit faculty applying for promotion from associate to full professor shall have the option to elect to apply for promotion under his or her department/school's Old RTP Policy or New RTP Policy.
  2. Bargaining unit faculty currently holding the rank of associate professor and who intend to apply for promotion under their department/school's New RTP Policy must elect whether the department/school's Old RTP Policy or New RTP Policy will govern their promotion application. Faculty applying for promotion must notify the chair of their election not later than September 30th following the implementation of a new RTP policy. If no timely election is made, then the faculty member's promotion consideration shall be governed by the Old RTP Policy.
  3. Once the election specified in Section 2 has been made, or the time for doing so has lapsed without such an election being made, associate professors who elect to have their applications governed by the Old RTP Policy (or have the decision made for them by failing to make the required election) will have eight (8) years to complete the promotion process. At the end of that time, if they have not been promoted to full professor the New RTP Policy then in effect shall govern any subsequent promotion applications. As the department/school revises its RTP policy in the future, the associate professor will continue to have the option to choose among the existing and revised RTP policies available at that time consistent with Sections 1-3.
IN W11NESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Memorandum of Understanding to be made effective this 29 day of February, 2016.