Regarding Nontenure Track Faculty Serving as Faculty Administrators

WHEREAS, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (''CBA") between Bowling Green State University (the Association")

(the "University") ( and collectively, the the Bowling "Parties") Green State expiring June University 30, 2019, Faculty does not Association exclude -AAUP non tenure (the track "Faculty faculty

("NTTF") from serving as Faculty Administrators; and

WHEREAS, the reappointment process is different for tenure track faculty (·'TTF");

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:    

  1.  Years of service as Faculty Administrators will count toward years of full-time NTTF employment.
  2. NTTF serving as Faculty Administrators who voluntarily or involuntarily end service as Faculty Administrators will return to their prior NITF appointment.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have caused this Memorandum of Agreement to be made effective this 10th day of August, 2017.