August Leave Reporting for Faculty on 9-Month Contracts

August 22, 2016

Dear BGSU Faculty Colleagues:

In the fifth joint communication from the University and BGSU-FA on July 26th, all bargaining unit faculty members were notified that, beginning this academic year, they will report their use of paid and unpaid leave on a monthly basis using the University’s electronic reporting system. Reports must still be submitted even if they did not report taking any leave. The reporting process for faculty on 12-month contracts was implemented successfully in July.

Faculty on 9-month contracts will begin using the electronic system this semester. However, because of differences in the academic year contract and the University’s HR system, leave reporting for 9-month faculty will begin at the end of September 2016 (and no later than the first three working days in October 2016) as described below:

  •  9-month faculty members will log into the MyBGSU portal “time and labor reporting system”
  • For the month of September,  faculty members will indicate whether or not they used any leave for the month of September and, if leave was used, entering the hours used for each category of leave for which they are eligible (e.g., sick leave, Family Medical Leave, personal leave, unpaid leave).
  • For the month of August, 9-month faculty members will enter their August leave use on their September leave reporting form. The hours of leave used should be entered in the Saturday, September 3rd date field with the corresponding leave type selected in the drop down menu on the far right-hand side of that row. This approach is a required work-around and only required in September of each year.

The reporting process will continue each month through the end of the academic year calendar (i.e., reporting October leave use no later than the first three working days in November; reporting November leave use no later than the first three working days in December, etc.).
Training materials have been developed to walk you through the leave reporting process. Your Department Chair or School Director will also be able to provide help, as will administrative or classified staff members in your academic unit who have been using the reporting system for several years. If you experience technical problems using the leave reporting system, please contact Bill Balzer (, VP for Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives.

Finally, Article 21 of the CBA provides guidance for determining the number of hours of leave that should be reported. If you have questions regarding how to calculate your leave, please contact your department chair or school director. The Administration and BGSU-FA will work together to help make this a smooth transition.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we implement this new process.

Steve Demuth
Chief Negotiator and Vice President, BGSU-FA

Bill Balzer
Chief Negotiator and Vice President, Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives