Labor-Management Committee announcement on completion and distribution of new RTP and Merit

November 1, 2016

Dear BGSU Faculty Colleagues:

As discussed in our September 7 email, the Labor-Management Committee is pleased to announce that final versions of both RTP and Merit policy documents have been approved by the Administration and BGSU-FA. Each policy is divided into two linked documents:

  • Part I: University-wide Processes Required by the CBA. The Part I documents specify those aspects of the policy process required by the CBA. All academic units must follow the process included in this document. As the CBA changes over time, the Part I documents can be updated by the Labor-Management Committee and forwarded to academic units.

  • Part II: Academic Unit Criteria, Standards, and Processes. Each academic unit will include its approved expectations and standards of performance for reappointment, promotion, and tenure and merit in the Part II documents. These documents will simply and clearly describe each unit’s academic standards and expectations to faculty members, faculty administrators, and external reviewers. Future changes to an academic unit’s academic expectations and standards would be made in this Part II document.

Academic units with approved RTP and Merit policies can simply cut and paste existing academic standards and expectations from their approved policy into the new Part II document. Academic units currently completing updated RTP and/or Merit policies can easily move their proposed academic expectations and standards to the new Part II document.

The new RTP and Merit policy documents can be found on the Provost website and will be electronically distributed to Chairs and Directors.

This communication will also be archived on the Provost website.


Bill Balzer, Co-Chair
Phil Stinson, Co-Chair
Sara Bushong
Steve Demuth
Julie Haught
Ted Rippey