Incentives and Support for Externally Funded Research

October 20, 2016

Dear BGSU Faculty Colleagues:

In this twelfth communication on implementing our new collective bargaining agreement, we wanted to make you aware of some new incentives for bargaining unit faculty members to pursue externally funded research. As described in Article 23, Section 5, new pilot programs have been established for both new and previously successful externally funded grant recipients to provide cash bonuses under certain circumstances at the successful completion of their grants; please see Sections 5.1 and 5.2 for more detail. In addition, a portion of available indirect costs will be directed to the professional development accounts of Principal Investigators, who may spend these funds on appropriate and approved expenses.

To further support scholarly and creative work, the collective bargaining agreement establishes a joint committee, with representatives from the Administration and the BGSU-FA, to review the policies and processes related to scholarship/creative activity and grants and advise the Vice President for Research and Economic Development on methods for making the University more effective and responsive in supporting faculty scholarship/creative activity. The Joint Committee is already working on clarifying some of the details of the incentives.

This joint communication will be archived on the Provost website.

Best wishes for a productive academic year.

Rodney K. Rogers
Provost and Senior Vice President

David J. Jackson
President, BGSU Faculty Association