Regarding Course Releases for CBA Negotiations

WHEREAS, the current collective bargaining agreement (the "CBA") between Bowling Green State University (the "University") and the Bowling Green State University Faculty Association -AAUP (the "Faculty Association") (collectively, the "Parties") expiring July 1, 2016, provides one course release per semester for the Chief Negotiator at no cost to the Faculty Association;

WHEREAS, the CBA does not provide course releases for the remaining members of the Faculty Association's Negotiating Team;

WHEREAS, the University wishes to engage in interest-based bargaining ("IBB") in the upcoming negotiations for a successor CBA;

WHEREAS, 188 requires a greater time commitment from the Faculty Association's Negotiating Team; and

WHEREAS, the Faculty Association is willing to engage in IBB if it can obtain additional course releases for its Negotiating Team;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:

  1. The Faculty Association will pay $3,000 per course release for five course releases. Each member of the Faculty Association's Negotiating Team (apart from the Chief Negotiator) shall receive one course release.
  2. Most Negotiating Team members intend to use this course release in the Spring 2016 semester. If a course release cannot be used during the Spring 2016 semester, the Negotiating Team member may reserve the course release for use during a later semester.
  3.  For any Negotiating Team members who do not have traditional course assignments
    (e.g., librarians), the Parties will mutually agree in the future how to address this issue.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have caused this Memorandum of Agreement to be made effective this  29th day of May, 2015.