July 13, 2016

Dear BGSU Faculty Colleagues:

In this third communication on implementing our new collective bargaining agreement, we want to share information about the transition away from Annual Performance Reviews (APR) and Enhanced Performance Reviews (EPR) for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF) with seven (7) or more years of service.

The University and the BGSU Faculty Association share a common goal of streamlining the process for evaluating Bargaining Unit Faculty Members. Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, the annual reappointment evaluation of NTTF with seven (7) or more years of service (which were previously conducted through APRs and EPRs) will become part of the merit review process. Merit ratings higher than “Unacceptable” in all assigned areas (e.g., teaching, service) will indicate a successful annual evaluation. (Note that this will require each academic unit to determine the standard for an “Unacceptable” rating in its current merit document prior to December 31, 2016.) For the specific contract language, please refer to Article 14, Sections,, and 5.3.1.

During the 2016-17 year of transition between the old and new collective bargaining agreements, all NTTF with seven or more years of service will complete one last APR. No EPRs will be conducted for any NTTF with seven or more years of service.

This joint communication will be archived on the Provost website.

Best wishes for a safe and productive summer.

Rodney K. Rogers, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President

David J. Jackson, Ph.D.
President, BGSU Faculty Association