Firelands College Integration update

August 29, 2019

Dear BGSU Faculty Colleagues,

Beginning with the last collective bargaining agreement, both the Administration and BGSU-FA have worked together to better integrate faculty at BGSU Firelands into the larger University community. In this fourth joint communication on implementing our new collective bargaining agreement, we want to let you know about several additions to the CBA designed to improve communication and collaboration between BGSU Firelands and the Bowling Green campus.

  • Bargaining Unit Faculty Members at Firelands will be affiliated with a discipline-appropriate academic unit on the Bowling Green campus. The purpose of this “Firelands Affiliate” status is to afford Firelands faculty the right to participate as appropriate in curricular decision-making and general academic discussions in their units of affiliation on the Bowling Green campus (Article 14, Section 1.5). A communication on the appointment of Firelands Affiliates is forthcoming.
  • The Labor-Management Committee (LMC) has been charged to review, benchmark, and make recommendations to the Provost and the BGSU-FA President on providing more comparable services (e.g., professional development, wellness, technology-mediated communication) across both campuses (Article 5, Section 2).
  • The Firelands College Council will have the opportunity to make a presentation to the President’s leadership team once per academic year (Article 33, Section 3).
  • Regular, formal communication between functional areas across the campuses (e.g., Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Finance and Administration, Student Affairs, Libraries, University Advancement) will be established (Article 5, Section 3).

For your convenience, we will be archiving these joint communications on the Office of the Provost website.


Joe B. Whitehead, Jr., Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

David Jackson, Ph.D.
President, BGSU Faculty Association