Minor change to two Faculty 180 deadlines

November 15, 2019

Dear BGSU Faculty Colleagues: 

We learned yesterday that an update released by Faculty 180/Interfolio resulted in unforeseen consequences, including that attachments loaded by candidates in the following sections are not showing (although they remain in the system):

  • Personal CV
  • Academic Unit RPT and Merit Policies
  • Teaching/Librarian Effectiveness Narrative and Signature Contributions
  • Research Narrative and Signature Contributions
  • Service Narrative and Signature Contributions

Faculty 180/Interfolio technical staff are currently working on a patch to correct the issue. However, our “evergreen calendar” of the Faculty Review Schedule includes Nov. 15 as a critical date for:

  • Deadline for Department/School Committee to submit EPR recommendations for TTF to Chair/Director
  • Deadline for Chair/Director to submit EPR recommendations for QRF in Year 3 to Dean
  • Deadline for Chair/Director to submit APR recommendations for QRF in Years 1-2 to Dean

In order to maintain the integrity of this important process, we are extending the deadline dates for the EPR processes/steps from Nov. 15, 2019, to Nov. 22, 2019. These new submittal deadlines would be followed by three business days for the candidate to submit a rebuttal after the Chair/Director submits their recommendation to the Dean. Regarding the APR deadline above, Chairs/Directors have been contacted and have either already submitted the evaluations or have been able to complete them through provision of necessary documents by BGSU staff.

Should Faculty 180/Interfolio be unable to fix the system by Nov. 20, we will reconsider further extensions to “evergreen calendar” deadlines.

If you have questions, please contact PJ Mays (pjmays@bgsu.edu) or Bill Balzer (wbalzer@bgsu.edu).

Thanks for your understanding.

Bill Balzer
Vice President, Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives

David J. Jackson
President, BGSU Faculty Association (AAUP)