Falcon Cast

Photo of a falcon in flight

Join a Falcon Cast

A cast is a group of falcons and...
  • A Schmidthorst College of Business program
  • For gathering a diverse community of faculty members across a range of disciplines and pedagogical styles
  • For the collaborative sharing of best teaching practices through observation and discussion
An opportunity to focus feedback on aspects of course design or delivery important to you!
  • to develop new skills or reinvigorate your teaching
  • NOT a formalized review process or evaluation where one person is the "expert" to critique your pedagogy
Photo of birds perched on branches of a dead tree
What is the time commitment?

As a member of the Falcon Cast, you are expected to...

  • Meet with your small group to discuss personal goals, observe each in their classroom, debrief and share observations
  • Share your experience through a short reflection statement to CATL
What are the benefits?
  • Create a collaborative learning community amongst peers from across the Schmidthorst College of Business that supports and celebrates teaching innovation
  • Receive support and connections to campus resources to increase teaching effectiveness
  • Additional feedback and recognition that can be included include in Faculty 180, as desired
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What did previous participants think?
  • I saw really good ways of conveying the information!
  • I never realized the close connection between our subjects as we cover many of the same ideas but in different ways! Now we can help students make the connections too!
  • I observed a new approach to class time that was quite useful for me!
  • I received the insights I needed to feel more confident taking my classes to the next level!

Updated: 03/03/2023 02:47PM