Committee to Advance Teaching and Learning CATL Governance

Committee Description

NAME Committee to Advance Teaching and Learning (CATL)

Our aim in the Schmidthorst College of Business (SCoB) is to build a college-wide community innovating and implementing transformative learning that sets us apart - to be a best in class college – recognized for utilizing high impact evidence-based approaches for teaching and learning. Our charge is to collaboratively develop and advance programs that facilitate, promote, and reward effective teaching and learning while encouraging each person to teach in their own unique way.

The committee shall:

  1. Develop and implement a training and development strategy to enhance teaching and learning in the SCoB.
  2. Host workshops, spotlights, seminars, etc. which promote high impact teaching best practices.
  3. Promote high impact teaching best practices among SCoB and with the University community.
  4. Promote the high impact teaching best practices of the SCoB and the effective teaching initiatives with stakeholders inside and outside the University, which includes the SCoB website.
  5. Develop and advance incentive programs to reward and promote faculty who are using effective teaching practices. This includes the High Impact Teaching (HIT) Award Winners and Fellows Program which identifies and rewards the winners and fellows every three years.
  6. Not pass judgement regarding the quality of teaching for the purposes of tenure, promotion, and merit. The committee recognizes and respects that this power rests exclusively with the home department of the faculty within each department.

The following rules govern the committee:

  1. At the first meeting of each academic year, the committee shall elect a chair, vice chair and a secretary. These positions have no term limits.
  2. The secretary is responsible for recording the meeting minutes (notes) and disseminating them to the faculty at large.
  3. All members (including ex officio members) shall have the power to vote.
  4. The committee shall follow the guidelines found in the "voting by CBA faculty on College-level issues" document.

Membership of the Committee:

  1. Each department may elect members to the committee with the goal of having at least one representative from each department; also on the committee is a department chair (elected from the chair’s council), a member of the dean’s office - the associate dean of Student Development and Accreditation, and faculty who have been selected as HIT Fellows during their active term (three years after being selected).
  2. The committee members can be either tenure-track or qualified rank members with the goal to have a representative group of the whole college. Committee members need to have a demonstrated interest and commitment to high impact teaching and learning practices. All committee members may serve for up to three years at which time the person would need to be re-elected (Rationale: the turnover tends to be natural and enough to keep the committee refreshed. If this becomes an issue, the committee can change this clause).

Updated: 03/03/2023 02:47PM