Section 6.3


The Immigration and Reform Control Act imposes civil and criminal sanctions on employers who hire individuals not authorized to work in the U. S. This law requires that all new employees of the university (tenured, probationary, temporary, part-time, classified and administrative staff) provide proof of their identity and employment eligibility at the time of employment. University procedures have been established which allow for the efficient implementation of these regulations.

Procedure for Verification of Employability

This procedure may be carried out on the department/school/program level.

  1. When candidates are invited to interview, send an I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification form) and request that candidates bring the appropriate documents to the interview. This procedure must be followed for all finalists.
  2. At the time of the interview, verify eligibility. The Chair should not delegate this authority unless proper training has taken place.
  3. The I-9 form and a copy of the documents used for verification of identity and employability are to be attached to the Appointment Activity Record (AAR) and sent to the Dean. (When a final candidate has accepted the position, the other applicants' forms should be discarded.)
  4. Payroll authorization will be issued only when the completed I-9 form has been received in the college office. The I-9 form and document copies will be retained in the individual's personnel file.

*In those cases where non-native professors or late-hires do not interview on campus, the letter of invitation from the Dean will include information that immigration laws require verification of employment eligibility; a copy of the I-9 form will accompany the letter and the candidate will be advised that employment eligibility verification must take place before the actual start of employment. BGSU will petition for the appropriate visa status for individuals visiting non-resident alien faculty members. The cost of filing is an employer expense. Steps 2, 3, and 4 may be completed by the Dean's staff upon the person's arrival on campus.

This procedure assures that a contract is not issued to any person ineligible for employment.

Other Important Points:

  • The I-9 form is attached. Duplicate it as necessary.
  • The documents presented for verification must be examined in person. The university employee who views the documentation must be the person who signs for the university.
  • A list of acceptable documentation is printed on the back of the form.
  • A photocopy of the documentation which you viewed must be made and filed in the College office along with the I-9 form. These materials should accompany the Appointment Activity Record for full-time hires or Request for Part-Time Contract for part-time hires.
  • Any form which is listed on the I-9 may be used as evidence of identity and employability.
  • Certain classes of non-resident aliens are authorized for employment by virtue of their visa status. Those most likely to be employed by BGSU may have restrictions (such as number of hours which may be worked) as a condition of their admission to the U.S. Documentation which allows an alien to work in the U.S. includes the following visas: H-1B, J-1, O-1. Each of these will have an expiration date beyond which the employee is not allowed to work. It is our shared responsibility to see that no contract is issued to an individual for any period extending beyond the expiration of employment authorization.

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