Further Studies in Economics

If you are interested in working as an economist, you will need some additional training.  A minimum of an MA is needed, but most jobs that have the title “economist” require a Ph.D.  What requirements are there for these degrees and where have our students gone?

First, before listing requirements, it is a good idea to look carefully at the programs that are available; most universities have some web space devoted to the graduate programs they offer.  There is a small number of schools that offer only a Masters (BGSU is one of these).  More schools offer the Ph.D.  Frequently admission to the Ph.D. comes right from the undergraduate program, however it is probably true that about half the students entering the Ph.D. in economics have a master’s degree of some kind (could be economics, MBA, statistics, mathematics or from some other area).

For the Masters, you will need at minimum a good course in calculus and a course (better if more) in statistics.  Both the intermediate microeconomics and intermediate macroeconomics are required (but can sometimes be completed once in the program).  A course in mathematical economics and one in econometrics would be useful, but are not often required.  Many programs require the GRE but you need to consult the specific programs to see.  You will also need to fill out an application, provide an official transcript, and arrange for some letters of reference to be sent to the school.

Students entering the Ph.D. are advised to have had three semesters of calculus and one of linear algebra before starting their graduate career.  A strong background in economics is also very important.  The specific requirements for the application process can most likely be found on the university’s web site.  When finished with a Ph.D., the employment opportunities are largely found in universities teaching economics; but employment with the government and the private sector are also possible.

Where have our students gone?

Bachelor’s degrees in economics from BGSU have gone on to:

a Master’s program at:

a Ph.D. program at:


University of California, Berkeley


University of Minnesota


Notre Dame


University of Massachusetts, Cornell


Florida State




Michigan State

Graduates of the BGSU MA program have gone on to:

Obtain Jobs in the following areas:

Further Study in Ph.D. programs at:

Financial Analyst

University of Minnesota

Analyst – Health Care

Western Ontario

Portfolio Risk Manager

University of Chicago


Michigan State

World Bank

Ohio State

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Census Bureau


Financial Planning

Boston College

Federal Reserve               

University of Colorado

Instructor Economics

University of Kansas