BGSU Team Continues Tradition of Top 6 Finalists in Global Business Simulation Competition

Maintains best record of any other university in the world

capism students

Pictured left to right: Professor Brian Rohrs, students Craig Eilerman, Jacqueline Askin, Tyler Newton, and Capsim executives Reda Chafai and Jordan Novak

Fall semester a team of BGSU business students finished in the Top 6 in the Capsim Foundation Challenge. The team advanced to the finalist round where they finished 5th in the world. Comprising the successful team are juniors Craig Eilerman, specializing in accounting; Jacqueline Askin, specializing in marketing; and Tyler Newton, specializing in sales and services marketing and minoring in entrepreneurship. They prevailed over the world’s best challengers to reach the final round.
According to Brian Rohrs, associate teaching professor in accounting, BGSU business students have qualified as finalists (individually or as a team) ten times, an unmatched record by any other university in the world since the competition’s inception. This makes five consecutive semesters for BGSU business students finishing as finalists.

The Capsim Challenge is a business simulation that replicates a real-life business scenario to better assess participants’ skills and abilities through running million-dollar companies. It also allows students to develop the skills most critical to career success and builds business intelligence.

Rohrs, along with fellow associate teaching professor, James Zeigler, have been the driving force behind using the simulation software in their accounting classes.

Rohrs and Zeigler recently hosted two executives from Capsim. President Reda Chafai and Director of Planning and Design Jordan Novak visited the BGSU campus to see how the College is using their simulation products in the classroom. During their visit, Chafai and Novak also met with Dean Braun, accounting, information systems and management faculty, and Capsim Challenge students. Their discussions with the Dean and faculty focused on additional Capsim products and their possible applicability throughout the entire undergraduate and Master of Accountancy curricula. The Capsim executives were impressed with BGSU's record of success in the Capsim Challenge and were very happy to meet this semester's finalists.   

Updated: 12/05/2019 09:02AM