Business District Residents Grabbed Hammers to Help Their Community


Last month, students living in the Business District did more than study with fellow classmates, network with alumni, and learn about business operations behind the scenes. They donned a hard hat and put in hard work and sweat into helping others in their community.

Business District students recently participated in the Habitat for Humanity home building project in Bowling Green. This was the second home, a part of the “Build Three in BG” initiative. The new home is at the intersection of Clough Street and Manville Avenue.

Ben Flowers was one of the business students who picked up his hammer to help others and describes the value he received. “I had a very positive experience because I enjoy helping others. The Habitat for Humanity people were extremely friendly.”

Flowers encourages BGSU students to give back to the community because they feel good, make connections and have a legacy left behind for future generations to see.

Updated: 10/29/2019 09:36AM