College Honors Faculty and Staff with Awards


Pictured left to right: Steve Cady, Roc Starks, Dean Ray Braun, Liuling Liu, and Tom Daniels (Not pictured: Jane Wheeler).

The College is proud to have outstanding faculty and staff who are dedicated to students, to the College of Business, and to their fields of study. Each year the College of Business recognizes a group of faculty and staff during the Opening Day Luncheon and presents five top awards. Here are the 2019 award winners, along with the selection committee’s praise.

Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award
Dr. Jane Wheeler, Associate Professor, Management Department

In her twenty years here at BGSU Jane has excelled in teaching. She has adapted to changing technologies adopting both online and flipped classrooms. Dr. Wheeler’s continuous efforts to improve her teaching through seminars and trial and error in the classroom ensures that what we view as excelling will continue well into the future.

Faculty Service Award
Dr. Steve Cady, Professor, Management Department

Dr. Cady has shown leadership in service that places him with very few in the College. His leading various efforts to improve the instructional effectiveness of the faculty from the innovative teaching group to the Committee for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning are exceptional. His tireless work on launching the first PhD program in the college is just another effort in a long series of his service accomplishments.  

Marie R. Hodge Advising Awards
Mr. Roc Starks, Executive-in-Residence and Instructor, Finance Department

As the face of the insurance program here in the College, Roc has demonstrated his dedication to the program and its students providing excellent advising to all insurance majors including course selection, job placement, etc.

Robert A. Patton Scholar Achievement Award
Dr. Liuling Liu, Associate Professor, Finance Department

During the last three years, she published ten referred research articles and one book chapter. Of these ten papers, six are ranked “A-level” according to the Finance Department’s journal-rating list. Of these six “A-level” publications, two are published in the Financial Times
Top 50 journal list, which is now widely adopted by leading business schools as a list of premier journals.

James A. Sullivan Staff Excellence Award
Mr. Tom Daniels, Assistant Director, Graduate and Executive Programs in Business

Reading his recommendations for this award demonstrates his commitment to this University, this College, and the community at large is second to none. His work is tireless and goes well beyond what is required of him.  

Updated: 07/10/2020 03:22PM