Cyber Security is Hot Topic and New Intro Course Helps Students Without Computer Background Prepare for 21st Century Reality

Written by Dalys Medina, Master of Accountancy Student

Today’s news often contains reports about people hacking into online information and television advertisements offering identity theft protection. Cyber security affects everyone today and in response to the general prevalence, the information systems program at BGSU has begun offering a basic course, BA 2010- Introduction to Cyber Security.

MatthewHaschak“Whether or not students are information systems majors, they need to be aware of the role cyber security plays in daily life and their careers.” Matt Haschak, is BGSU’s chief information security officer and director of IT Infrastructure and teaches the latest cyber security course at BGSU as well as IS 4220.

According to Haschak, BA 2010 is open to all majors, so students enrolling in this course do not need a technology background to understand the material. Some of the topics covered include the vast data collection and data mining used by organizations today and the Internet of Things, such as smart home devices and smart cities.

Haschak adds, “We look at the vast amount of data available on the Internet whether you posted it there or not , the impacts cyber security played in the 2016 US Presidential election, and how there could be cyber-attacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure (power, water, transportation).” The course also provides some possible career paths for students who are not interested in becoming computer programmers or information systems engineers.

For students who want to dive into more complex technology material, Haschak also teaches IS 4220 -Information Systems Security. Some of the topics he covers in this course include basic organizational security governance with policies and procedures, conducting a risk assessment on technology, the basic elements of encryption, networks, incident response, physical security for a data center, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Haschak explains students taking IS 4220 will be well prepared for their internships and first full-time jobs after taking the course. “Being able to recognize the purpose of each layer of security implemented by an organization will make them a more productive and secure employee for the organization.”

The two-time BGSU graduate earned an undergraduate business degree with a specialization in information systems, along with an MBA. In addition, Haschak is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Certified Information Systems Security Officer.  He was the founding president of the Toledo Infragard Members Alliance, a partnership between the FBI and the private sector, to share information regarding threats and vulnerabilities to the nation’s infrastructure.

To learn more about cyber security courses, contact the AIS Department Chair, Dr. Earl McKinney

Updated: 05/01/2019 06:07AM